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    OK, I’m not going to re-invent the wheel here folks. I’m just going to share some solid pointers to help you be successful in terms of writing unique content, establishing a reader base and increasing your earnings here at Round World Travels.

    Writing a Post

    1.) Be Unique and Be Yourself: What I mean is, don’t transform yourself into Mr. Encyclopedia. Don’t just share information, share it with your opinion, your quirky attitude and whatever else it is that makes you…YOU. Not only will this provide a interesting article but readers will start to know you through your writing. This is a great way to establish a reader base because people won’t just be coming to the Internet for information. Instead, they will be coming to you because they like the way you serve it to them and they might even like you.

    2.) Always use tags with your post but try to use the same tags over and over again. Tags are a type of sub-category that when clicked take you to a list of articles all tagged with the same tag. It is not helpful to have two post about Africa if each post uses different tag variations but in essence are the same. Check the available tags before creating new ones.

    3.) When creating your Post Title try to envision what someone would type into Google when performing a search that would be relevant to your topic. Using this keyword structure as well as those same keywords throughout the body of your article can help in Search Engine Placement. At the same time: Don’t tie your hands together trying to follow this rule and don’t just stuff your article with keywords for the sake of it. Often times a well written article will likely follow this rule without even trying.

    4.) Use Lists – It’s a well know fact that people like list for some reason. Say you perform a search on Restaurants in Paris. The top two Results returned are “Restaurants in Paris” and “Top Ten Restaurants in Paris” I have my money on the top 10 because we are drawn to lists.

    Establishing a Reader Base
    1.) Be yourself and be unique as already pointed out in the first point above. Establishing a Reader base is one of the hardest parts of being a successful blogger but if you are already following step 1 above you are that much closer.

    2.) Create Backlinks: Backlinks are simply links that you post elsewhere (other peoples blog comments, forum, website) that lead to your article. Be sure that your article is relevant to the topic being discussed and do not just spam your link around town. Other bloggers don’t like this and will likely just delete your link. Include some real interaction that is helpful to the conversation alongside your link and most people find this acceptable.

    Why are backlinks Important? Backlinks don’t just bring traffic from the other blog but more importantly Search Engines rely on backlinks to tell them whats relevant. If your article about Africa has no backlinks and someone else wrote one about Africa that ain’t even as good but has 100 backlinks its likely that the second one will appear first in search engine results. It’s all a bit more complicated then simply that but don’t underestimate the power of intertwining your blog into the blogging community.

    So do I need to go find 100 backlinks for each article I write? Heck NO!, that would be time consuming and a waste of energy. Instead just find two relevant topics and that’s enough. Overtime, other people will link naturally to your post if it provides useful information. In addition, if each author is creating 2 backlinks this combined effort will help establish a presence blog wide.

    Note: Google Alerts can be a lifesaver when it comes to creating backlinks. Instead of seeking out backlinks let them come to you. Simply enter a search term that is relevant to the type of backlinks you are wish to create and google will send you a list of NEW posts about your search term on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. I usually choose weekly. Example: Say you write a post about “campfire guitar songs” and you go to google alerts enter that search phrase, and weekly updates. Now, anytime something new hits the Internet and is about campfire guitar songs you will get a update from google with a link to the article. Many times with this method you can be the first to comment. 🙂

    Increasing your Earnings
    1.) If you simply follow everything stated above you will see your earnings rise. It’s not rocket science. Running a Ad based blog is about offering free content such as “your articles” to generate high volumes of traffic that eventually disperse through possible Ad campaigns in which you get paid. You can not help this along in any way as AdSense will terminate any account that is generating false clicks or enticing visitors. For example: You cant say, “Please click my Ads” or anything remotely similar like a big arrow pointing at them.

    I wish all of you the best of luck and do not hesitate to contact us with questions, ideas and recommendations.



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