From Homebody to Travel Writer

Join Round World Travels and advance through the Ranks to Travel Writer.  All New Community Members start with 0 points and the Rank Homebody.  You don’t want to be a Homebody do you?  Of course not!  Simply interact with other members on the site, participate in forum discussions, upload photos, submit a guest post, comment on others post.  It’s easy to earn points!

Ranks (based on RTWA points)

Homebody (0-150) : You lazy piece of crap.  Seriously, get off your butt and get motivated.  Here is a great quote from Mark Twain to get you moving.  –“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Virtual Tourist (151-345) : OK, good, this means we got your blood pumping.  Your thinking I can do this and you have the dream caught in your sails.  You sit at the computer and surf far off places, your imagination takes you there and it’s these very dreams that will become your goals.

Backyard Adventurer (346-540) : Well at least you made it out of the house right.  What?.., your camping out tonight?  OK, don’t worry, we will leave the backdoor open with the light on so you can come in and use the bathroom if you have to.  😛

Day Tripper (541-1125) : Grab the Daypack, were heading out on the trail for some serious adventure.  Don’t tell anyone that the only thing your carrying in that bag is a candy bar and a bottle of water.  Seriously, look around, you are not getting lost, isn’t that the highway over there?

Vacationer (1126-2100) : Heck, its time for vacation and you’ve earned it.  There are two types of vacations I’ve learned.  The first type is the one where you sit around all day at a pool or beach and do practically nothing.  Sometimes you just need this type of vacation.  The second type is the one where you have to get out and go, go, go because of where you are.  You have to see the sites and visit said places and there’s only so much time to do it in.  If you stay in your hotel on this type of vacation people will call you lame.  You’re still on the first type so relax, you graduate to Tourist next time.

Tourist (2101-3075) : “Oh Ellen, the old west was dirty. Everything isn’t like home. If everything were like home, there would be no reason for leaving home. Right, Rusty?”  Congratulations, you’ve become a regular Clark Griswold!  You have the car packed, you have the map, you have the hunger for a good old fashion road trip with some serious sightseeing.  Now you just have to find these places!

Trail Blazer (3076-4050) : You’ve been to all the tourist areas, “hey, isn’t this your second time here?”  Yup, its getting old and your getting courageous.  You’re off the beaten path of other would be tourist and your creating your own sites of interest.  Still, despite your bravery your still being governed by society and your 9-5 job on most days.

Hobby Hobo (4051-5025) : People at work have started calling you a weekend hobo.  What the heck you’re crazy, jumping trains and spending the night in hobo jungles.  Despite your adventurous side you still return to work on Monday clean and showered but thinking, “I wonder if I just didn’t come back, just quit this rat race and kept going, there would still be another tomorrow.”

Vagrant Tramp (5026-6000) : Wow, what happen?  At one time people called you a freaking Trail Blazer and suddenly you’re a tramp, a drifter, a floater, a wanderer and a lot of other derelict connotations.   That’s OK though, you did it!  You left the daily grind imprisoning you and chose freedom.  You just jumped a little early because you still ain’t earning the type of bread it takes to survive and just travel freely but that’s OK you’re resourceful right….right?

Vagabond (6001-6975) : You were a real nuisance for a while there, kind of smelly too.  Come to think of it you were almost an affliction upon society.  The good thing is somehow you escaped the stereotype of being a no good vagrant beggar and graduated into a resourceful carefree roamer.  You’ve picked up some street smarts along with some dryer sheets for your shoes…yikes!  You still are somewhat shifty in the eyes of others but people don’t know weather to admire you or call the cops.

Hobo (6976-7950) : Independent and free, resourceful and self reliant, you’ve come to be very appreciative of the opportunity that surrounds you.  When a job becomes available you take it but only if  it don’t have a long term commitment.  After all, lets face it, when its time to go you’re going.  You travel to travel and only pick up work to keep you going.  You live by a secret code, a culture and a language only known by you and your fellow brethren.  When people ask you, “whats the difference between a Hobo and a Vagabond?” your reply is always the same.  “Vagabonds smell like roses while hobos smell like lilacs.”

Globe Trotter (7951-8925) :  You’ve been to a whole lot of places and people know you as the story teller.  You have stories from every part of the globe and people are fascinated.  Still, people have not bought into your existence and there is a element of caution they use when around you.  They don’t know where your making your money exactly and suspect something shady.  Instead of giving you a name like World Traveler or Adventurer they still want to label you with a certain amount of disrespect.  I mean, Globe Trotter isn’t necessarily bad but its kind of silly.

Explorer (8926-9900) : OK, watch out Amelia Earhart because not even Christopher Columbus shows up on this radar.  You’re not just traveling, your discovering new places and someone is going to have to edit a map or two when your done.  You’re serious about travel and you treat it like it’s your job.  You’re name is starting to show up in print and that’s not a bad thing like it was that one night when the cops…

World Traveler (9901-10875) : Wow, you did it!  People don’t refer to you as a drifter, a nomad, a hobo, a lost soul or even a globe-trotter.  They say, “oh yeah, I know so and so, they’ve been all over.  Very worldly, I wish I could just travel all over the world like that.”  You know the foods, the people, the culture and even the language.  Your a vast source of information just waiting leave your pen.  Its time to write.

Travel Writer (10876-11850) : You’ve been traveling and you’ve been writing.  What do you know, you’ve been a travel writer all along.  By this point in our program you should be doing well enough that when people ask, “What do you do for a living?”  You can reply, “I’m a Travel Writer.”  Happy Travels 🙂

Note:  Although we did actually employ a mathematical formula to arrive at these conclusions there are a lot of variables and we aren’t that good at math, we like traveling.  This is meant to be a fun game to engage our writers.  Don’t hold us accountable if you’re still camping out in your backyard and you achieved Travel Writer….you just cheated!


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