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“Step Out the Front Door and Open Your Eyes”That’s what it says on the package of my new Polarized Sunglasses by Native Eyewear.  I did what it said and then I actually said “WOW”!  So what are polarized sunglasses exactly and what makes them so cool?

Before I answer this let me give you some background.  I come from a long family history of cheap sunglasses picked up at drugstore on a need only basis.  The need seems often as I usually lose them after only a few weeks.  When I do find them they are all scratched up after being tossed around in my jeep during a careless camping outing.

Now that you know me lets get back to the question, “what are polarized sunglasses“?

First we have to think about light and how it reflects off  of other surfaces.  Normally when light hits a surface it scatters or disperses in all directions.  When light hits some surfaces such as water, snow, ice, glass and asphalt the light waves polarize.  This means they orient along an axis which is usually horizontal and creates an intense amount of light we know as “glare”.

Glare can be both annoying and dangerous.  While traditional sunglasses help to reduce glare they end up dimming the complete field of vision.  This ends up reducing contrast and the subtle details in your surroundings are lost.

Polarized Sunglasses employ a vertical polarizing lens that selectively filters out glare.  This actually improves contrast and leaves attention to detail sharp and clear.

The obvious enthusiast for polarized sunglasses are boaters and fishermen wanting to reduce the unwanted glare from the water.  One can navigate more safely and be better aware of his or her surroundings.  They also make it easier to spot fish once your not trying to look past the glare coming off the water.

But what about other outdoor activities?  Yup, polarized sunglasses are becoming increasingly popular for all kinds of outdoor adventurers including skiers and snowboarders, climbers, bikers, joggers, as well as the general public.  Many people use them while driving to reduce the glare that comes off a long flat road as well as the cars ahead.

Do they cost more? Yes, but they are worth the extra cost.  Not only will you be impressed with how clear it can be outside you will also be more likely to safe guard.  Just like with anything, when it cost a lot, you are more aware of how you treat it.  Grab a pair of these glasses and I guarantee you protect them with your life.

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