Glacier Glove Review

If you are looking for  a great pair outdoor sportsman type gloves I recommend taking a look at the Neoprene Glacier Glove.  The pair I have are the 821BK Premium Neoprene Glove with slits on the thumb and index finger for dexterity.

The Neoprene shell keeps your hands dry while the inner 2.5mm Fleece Lining keeps them warm making these Pro Angler gloves perfect for cool wet conditions.  Think fishing (especially ice fishing), hunting, kayaking and just about any other cold weather outdoor activity.


Finger Slit Gloves:  A finger slit on the thumb and index finger allow simple finger manipulation.  To keep the glove fingers out of the way they are folded back and held in place by Velcro patches.  A few things here, sometimes the Velcro patches didn’t work well.  Also many times depending on the action I just wanted to take them off anyway and do it, maybe just habit.  The bottom line is you can perform simple actions, tie your shoe, bait a hook, push the button on a camera, etc but most of the time I still want to take my glove off.

Also of note, the gloves ran big for me.  I probably should have got a medium instead of a large, this is something to consider when ordering size.  This could easily be the trouble I was experiencing with performing glove on dexterous movements.  The remaining fingers of the glove were simply too big.

Velcro Wrist Strap Gloves:  These gloves provide a near water tight seal once fastened with the Velcro straps.  Your hands stay dry and warm at all times which is really the most important thing for me.  It does make them a little harder to take off however as these things are attached secure around your wrists.  This could be a problem if you plan to take them off and put them on a lot during outings.

Warm and Dry Gloves:  Like I said above, these things are going to keep your hands warm and dry.  For me this is what I look for in a glove and this Is why I find Glacier Gloves some of the best.  I recommend these gloves and also recommend taking a look at the whole line of Glacier Glove available products.

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