Glacier Outdoor River Pack Review

The Glacier Outdoor River Pack is truly an all in one convenient backpack designed for all your fishing, hiking, and angling needs.  The company that makes this backpack, Glacier Outdoor has been in business for over 25 years and is committed to making quality products and this is no different.

This stellar backpack has a ton of useful features for any fisherman or fisherwoman.  Lets start with the unique and handy changing mat that rolls out from the bottom pouch where you also store your waders.  Use it to stand on while slipping in and out of your waders and boots.  Secure your wet wading boots with the straps outside of the pack while stuffing your waders in the ventilated compartment on the bottom of the pack.  This unique feature gives your wet boots plenty of ventilation to help them dry and keeps the stuff inside your backpack dry.

When I took this pack along on a recent trip one of the first things I noticed was it’s ample storage space.  You can secure all of your fishing equipment including rods, reels, tackle, jackets and such in the backpack’s convenient compartments and outside holder straps.  Also included is a pouch for a hydration bladder making this a very helpful river pack  indeed.

Of course I also had room to store other items for the journey such as snacks, camping knifes, a small blanket, etc. The material of the pack seems to be upstanding and enduring, definitely quality.

If the trail is far and the river is a long way off you will be glad to note that the pack is also very comfortable.  The arm straps and backing on the pack is very well padded for your comfort.

With Christmas coming this could possibly be that ultimate gift for anyone who lives to be outdoors and loves to fish.  At $149.95, I found this is well worth the investment.  You can find more reviews and purchase the pack at Bass Pro Shops.

Quick Notes:

  • It’s a great pack and can be used as a general multi-purpose pack or fishing pack.  The only thing that might have been better is if the attached changing mat was somehow detachable in case you were bringing it on a trip where you wouldn’t need it.  This would help free up some more space in the bottom pouch.  However, it does fold up pretty tight and you can secure it with the straps to keep it out of the way.  You may even find other uses for it so who knows.
  • Very Comfortable
  • Spacious

Glacier Outdoor River Pack

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