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Josh ´11 | Six String SlingerWandering Musician has always been about music but it’s also very much about travel.  That’s the whole point, finding a guitar or instrument to fit your traveling lifestyle.  Now some of you are day trippers and some of you are tourist.  But who here is a trail blazer, a vagabond, a world traveler or a travel writer?  That’s the ranks Round World Travels is assigning it’s writing staff and you could join the ranks.  If you have ever wanted to create a travel blog then this is the time to grab your guitar and hit the road.

Round World Travels is a community driven Travel Blog which means you won’t be carrying the load all by yourself.  It’s simple shared platform offers travelers and outdoor adventure seekers the opportunity to share their experiences in a shared revenue setting.  The community provides a social networking atmosphere where travelers can interact and follow other members in a fashion similar to twitter.  Each member has a unique profile where they can share information about themselves, submit articles, travelogues, photos, and even bookmark links to interesting yet relevant content around the web with digg style member voting.

For us wana-be vagabond travelers that enjoy writing this is a good opportunity.  If you’ve ever tried to create a travel blog then you know how hard it can be if you want it to be successful.  I mean everything from setting it up, providing fresh content regularly and engaging an audience.  It’s nice to be backed by a community effort.  The best part is they share 100% Google adsense revenue on our article submissions so you can’t beat that.

I suggest anyone interested to go over to Round World Travels and create a account.  Next Step:  Pack your bags, get a notebook computer, grab your guitar and hit the road.

OK, it might be a little premature for that.  I don’t mean to sound like this can replace your day job as I myself have been running adsense ads on this site and some others for a time now and I don’t make near enough.  I do make a small amount that I save each month and over the course of a year it does amount into something I call a travel fund.

Bottom Line:  If you’ve ever thought about creating a travel blog this is a great opportunity.  Give it a try, see if it’s something that keeps your interest.  The hardest part of a travel blog is continually providing fresh content and with multiple sources of content the commitment is null.

-thanks for listening to this nights rant around the campfire, hope to see you over at Round World Travels fueling the effort along side me to create a travel blog of great community proportions.

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  1. Edmonton Dodge

    I always love to read stories of the road and it seems Round World Travels has sparked the interests of people who love to travel. That includes myself who loves the outdoor, cross country travel with the stereo roaring some RnB or reggae. The scenery is just awesome and perfect when you go places and starting your own travel blog would certainly immortalize one’s sojourn. Thanks for the info.

  2. Barry Perhamsky

    Reply…..funny hu? Well I play the guitar and harmonica. The guitar? Well I can play some cords (A Amin C D Dmin E G ) That’s it! Basic! The harmonica on the other hand, I can play alot of songs. But when I play the guitar and harmonica together, I sound great! The guitar plays the rhythem and melody, and the harmonica the tune. Now when I play the harmonica, I don’t just play note for note. I can also play a beat; like for example um po po – um po po. One of my favorite songs is: “goin’ down the road feelin’ bad”. No um po po’s there.

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