Homesick? Not Exactly…

When you decide to live overseas for a long period of time it is amazing the things you realize you miss from home the most. Now besides my family and friends there is one significant ‘item’, I suppose you could call it, that I truly wish I could see every day.

So, what is it? It’s simply grass!

See..I LOVE Grass!

Now I know this probably sounds pretty ridiculous but it’s true, I miss those bright green blades of awesomeness tickling between my toes and even the smell of freshly mowed green fields is haunting my daydreams. So if any of you have read any of my previous posts you would know (or if not I’m going to tell you anyway) that I’ve been traveling around Amman, Jordan. So grass isn’t as common as let’s say New Jersey (where I’m originally from) so there stands my dilemma of missing grass. But lucky for me, there was no need to hop on a plane back to Jersey to get my share of green wonder. Nope, just a bus ride away, to Wadi Al Rayan, waited a gorgeous nature reserve filled with rolling hills, towering trees, lovely flowers and plenty of luscious grass filling the trails.

The gorgeous view from the hiking trail.

And The Adventure Begins…

My day started off at 8am where a couple friends and I waited to board the bus to Wadi Al Rayan, and while we didn’t exactly leave on time (which I’m finding quite normal when traveling with Jordanians) sure enough we were on our way to this gorgeous nature reserve. Less than two hours and we were all able to see from a distance the green mountain tops and lush grass trails I would never had imagined would be in such a dry country such as Jordan.

As we’re all admiring the mountain views from the bus window, the excitement caught on for me that it would be just moments away we would be traveling down the hiking trails, and be right within the greener side of Jordan I had yet to experience. So finally came the time and one by one until about all 80 of us were grouped together (I forgot to mention this was a HUGE group) we took off and began discovering all the beauty Jordan had to offer.

On our way back to the buses.

Forty five minutes into the walk and it was lunch time! However, as I mentioned before I was traveling with about 80 others, just about all of which were Jordanian, and lunch turned into a singing fest and story time. Some even brought their Hookahs (I’m still trying to figure out how they were able to carry them as they were hiking, but I suppose that’s just another addition to my American to Arabian culture confusion).  Lunch wasn’t exactly as I had expected, but all in all a great experience and I was able to admire the greenery a little longer, so a win-win for me.

The walk back turned into experiencing some of the most amazing scenery I had ever seen, and I even caught a glimpse of a pretty intense cave. I must say my trip to Wadi Al Rayan is by far one of the best trips I’ve been on since coming here, while it was simple to say the least, this was a major eye-opener that Jordan is not just your everyday desert country and has so much more to offer.

The big group of people I traveled with!

I’ve also recently joined the IWAA, International Women’s Association of Amman, where I have been introduced to plenty of other ‘green’ trips that I can’t wait to tag along to. So I can assure you this will not be the last post about the beautiful green grass that can be found in Jordan. Because like I said earlier, I miss me some grass!

Have any of you ever miss something kind of random from back home while you were traveling?

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  1. Michael Falk
    Michael Falk says:

    I can see how you would miss the grass Tiffany haha. I like grass too! It’s funny what you end up missing, usually you overlook it when it’s always in your face. My brother moved to Colorado a while ago and he always tells me how much he misses the water and many trees, in Michigan we are surrounded by the Great Lakes. Of course, I say….but look at these Mountains of yours :)

  2. Jennifer Choban
    Jennifer Choban says:

    I SO understand. My first extended overseas trip lasted 15 months, mostly in the Middle East. More than anything in the world I wanted to see moss. Then, when I became exhausted by the politics and religion, I actually missed hearing loggers and environmentalist from my home in the Pacific Northwest argue about spotted owls.

  3. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Haha yes it’s definitely odd the random things we miss but I suppose that’s why there’s always one place we call home. I have a list of random foods I can’t wait to eat when I get back but for now that growing list just sits in my suitcase ;)
    LOL Jenny those spotted owl arguments must’ve been quite entertaining, but then again..politics and religion can be quite the subjects to grow bored of.

  4. EJ Juen Jr
    EJ Juen Jr says:

    Hi Tiffany, i love that jolly pose! lol. It’s great to see the green side of the country, I always miss it here in the big city. I’m sure that the mocha motif of Jordan is great but the additional grass motif makes its better. :)


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