Harmonica Gift – Give the Gift of Harmonica

Give it to your Dad and see it pass down through the generations.

Maybe your thinking of giving someone a harmonica this Christmas, for their birthday or just because.  What a great idea!  Seriously, with just one gift you will evoke at least four different emotions as they pull the wrapper off this wonderful little package.  So what am I talking about?

  1. Desire:  People love to hold pretty things.  The shiny smooth polished metal, the way it shines and how it curves all the way down to each intricately shaped hole.  The harmonica is a work of art all in itself.
  2. Nostalgia:   Often times its not even clear where this emotion comes from.  Maybe your given a harmonica to your Dad and he never even owned one.  Still, for some reason, a harmonica always seems to take one back to their childhood.  It reminds people of old times, simpler times and good times.  Perhaps it takes them back to that day as they stood looking at the shiny metal blow toy beneath the glass.  Their childhood imagination was taken by its exquisite beauty and yet never satisfied as they never got to play it.
  3. Surprise:  Unless someone asked for a harmonica usually this gift comes from left field but in almost every case, its a pleasant surprise.
  4. Ambition:  Yup, time to get motivated about something.  Time to learn how to play this thing.

If you like the idea of giving the Gift of Harmonica please read “How to Buy a Harmonica” – We break down the basics about Harmonica and then provide you with a clear cut choice for the best beginners harmonica as well as a awesome book to learn harmonica.

Best Harmonica for Beginners:  Hohner Special 20 Harmonica, Major C

Best Book for Learning Harmonica:  Rock n’ Blues Harmonica: A World of Harp Knowledge, Songs, Stories, Lessons, Riffs, Techniques and Audio Index for a New Generation of Harp Players

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