Hering Deluxe Chromatic 64 Harmonica Review

Hering-Deluxe-Chromatic-64-HarmonicaThe Hering Deluxe Chromatic 64 harmonica is a unique harmonica. It is great if you are advanced in playing a harmonica. It can be used by an extremely good intermediate player as well. Hering creates some of the highest quality of musical instruments in the world and their harmonicas are no exception.

The Chromatic 64 harmonica has 4 octaves, 64 reels, an acrylic body and extra thick reed plates. It also has a chrome plated cover, mouth piece and slide. This harmonica is for the serious player of Jazz or classical music. Some players even use this harmonica for Chicago blues and pop music. It can be used for several types of music if you have the gift of improvisation. The Chromatic 64 harmonica is great for special effects and specific music styles.

If you are a beginner harmonica player a diatonic harmonica is best to start with instead of the chromatic style. The chromatic harmonica is excellent for a classical tone and slow moving music. This harmonica is great it has style and sturdiness. The sound quality is smooth and flawless. The Hering deluxe chromatic 64 harmonica is easy to clean and store, it rarely clogs and it is one of the most reliable harmonicas out there in its class.

The only time a harmonica needs to be cleaned is if it has been sitting around for awhile, or if some dirt got inside the harmonica. The best thing to do is to lightly clean it with water and a very gentle soap, or a cleaning solution specifically made for a chromatic harmonica. Always follow the manufacturer’s suggestions to keep the harmonica in its best condition. The harmonica will probably become worn and torn from wear way before it ever needs cleaning. So clean with caution and only if absolutely necessary.

The cost of a Hering deluxe chromatic 64 harmonica can be any where from $150 to $260 depending on which retailer you go to and whether it is on sale or not. This is a little on the expensive side but not too bad and if you are a true harmonica connoisseur, you will appreciate the quality and style of this type of harmonica.

The sound and playability of the chromatic 64 harmonica is in a class all by itself. It can be used to play anything from Jazz to pop music, and it is easy to clean and it is a reliable instrument for any true musician.

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