Hiking with my Brother and Sister – Family Fun!

What is Hiking?

Hiking is the way you describe walking if you want others to actually join you. Hiking usually includes a lot of great scenery, real or imagined. It you’re hiking, it’s just got to be beautiful, right? Walking is what you’re doing if you forget the bug spray or sunscreen and you can actually do something about it, like go home or go to the store. When you’re hiking it’s just you, the elements, and your mistakes.

A Quick Hiking Tip

While we’re on the topic of mistakes, never surprise a wild animal. A healthy animal will usually try to avoid you if you give them the opportunity to do so. If you are in bear country, where  jingle bells to alert them of your presence.  If you don’t have jingle bells whistling and talking loudly will suffice.  This will alert bears and other wild animals that you are coming and they will most likely put some distance between you and them.  If you do run into a animal don’t turn and run, If you act like prey, dangerous animals will treat you like prey.  Finally, enjoy a little peace of mind by spraying your trash with ammonia. Bears and other undesirables won’t go for an ammonia-laced dinner any more than you will.

A Fun Fact on Hiking

While we’re on the topic of uninvited guests, mosquitos seem to be a problem only when hiking outdoors. Oh, those repetitive laps around an indoor track don’t count as hiking? Anyhow, if you want skeeters to join you on your trek, wear blue and eat bananas without ceasing. They’ll love you for it.

The Hikers

Theodora and Son
This intrepid global trekker took her nine-year old son on a year-long worldwide journey. Here she chronicles the sights and conquers her fear of heights at Tiger Leaping Gorge in China. The clouds below are so inviting you want to step right out on them. Check out their adventure.

Kevin has authored a book about the top sixty hikes within sixty miles of Madison, WI. In this blog he zeroes in on some of his favorites close to ‘Mad-town’. A couple of the hikes are segments of the 1200 mile long Ice Age Trail. The 18 mile Devil’s Lake hike is the longest of his sixty favorites. He is so enthralled with this segment that if he had one hike to take to a desert island, this is the one he’d choose. You can see that Kevin’s capable of a different take on things. Read more at his ‘Mad Traveler’ blog.

Get thirsty just reading about Jim’s jaunt around 85,000 acres of sand dunes in southern Colorado. This Taos, NM resident hallucinates about camels and such on an experience punctuated by his daughter’s futile request,”Can we get ice cream now?” More on The Great Sand Dunes.

A year of hiking throughout Central and South America is well chronicled here through both photographs and the written word. The author is anything but a self-proclaimed hiker. Her humility is often quite humorous. Here she logs her slog through Colca Canyon in Peru.

So, what if someone offered a novice a choice of hikes at Zion National Park named ‘The Narrows’ and ‘Angel’s Landing’? Why, they’d take the latter every time. ‘The Narrows’ sounds just too claustrophobic. The former brings on visions of sweet things like angel hair and halos.

Jake takes us on that meek little trail called ‘Angel’s Landing’. It includes a 1200 foot elevation gain and sheer drops on either side. The photo alone will give you vertigo.

Next months Round the World Adventures will take us deep into the murky depths as we round up some of the best scuba adventures out there.  Do you know any great scuba adventure stories out there?  If so, please offer us your recommendations in our “Round the World Adventures” Forum.

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  1. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Hahaha “Hiking is the way you describe walking if you want others to actually join you.” That is too true! And whoa I did not know if you wore blue insects will bother you?! Is that because they’ll think you’re a walking body of water or something?


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