Hiking the Song Bird Trail – Marquette Michigan

Marquette Michigan is simply a great beautiful place.  If you live in Lower Michigan and you have not ventured across the Mackinaw Bridge into the Great Up North then your messing up as a Michigander.  My advice to you is to Get Up North and Start Heading West.  In my opinion the further west you travel in the U.P the more beautiful it becomes.  This Adventure Finds us on the Song Bird Trail in Marquette Michigan.

The Song Bird Hiking Trail is a 1.1 mile trail loop that sits between Harlow Lake and Lake Superior.  As the name implies its a great place to spot songbirds including sparrows, hairy woodpeckers, warblers, and merlins just to name a few.  As you go you will come across signs that interpret the different song birds common to the area.   I’ve heard May is the best time for such a Bird watching experience but you can enjoy the hike anytime.  I went in July and it was still a very enjoyable hike filled with wildlife and just beautiful scenery.

Now I said the hike was 1.1 miles but we actually started somewhere near little Presque Isle Point so it was a little longer.  It’s really a fabulous area with a mix of  beach, lake, rock outcroppings, and green forest.  During our hike we hugged lake superior and then into the wooden canopy and then back out again.  Refer to the map which I didn’t have at the time.

Overall, this is not a difficult hike, easy to moderate I guess and depending on your schedule for the day shouldn’t take you to long.  There are plenty of adjoining trails however like the 4 mile north country trail segment between the wetmore landing parking area and heading north past Little Presque Isle Point area and beyond.  Plenty of opportunities to make a day out of it.  I have a hard time estimating a time as I’m a big fan of stopping and I enjoy taking pictures.  I also like to look around at things and observe because really, whats the big hurry?  Here are some pictures from the hike.

Hiking Little Presque Isle, Song Bird Trail

Now for me this hike is really close, I didn’t have to travel far and wide, catch a plane or anything crazy.  I mean I’m from Michigan and I lived up in the U.P for some time.  Still, its amazing what you can find in your own backyard and that’s what I want to emphasize.  When writing for Round World Travels don’t think every adventure has to be miles away.  Sometimes its minutes away and you can quickly capture the experience to share with others who are far away but might be heading your way.

I encourage anyone to go out and find a simple location that’s close to home.  Create a Round World Travels profile if you haven’t already and lets here about it!

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