Hiking – You’re Never Too Cool for Trekking Poles!

So I showed up for the hike with my shiny brand new trekking poles and was met with a little bit of laughter. My sister and brother, hiking companions for the day, scoffed at me and made jokes about finding a good stick. “We’re surrounded by hiking sticks” they said, “how much did you spend,” on those?

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I have my Trekking Pole, Where’s Yours?

Now, we had a lot of hiking ahead of us, scheduled for the week out, and it wasn’t at all on even ground. A lot of it was going up, down and over all kinds of uneven terrain.

This particular hike (Douglas Falls Hike) near Barnardsville, NC started especially crazy as it seemed to go down, down, down. It wasn’t just a flat path going down either. It was rocky ledges, tangled tree roots, loose rocks all forming mother nature’s stairway, as we descended deeper and deeper into the forest canopy.

Each step down I could feel the springs action in my trekking pole absorbing the impact and I let it guide me down to each new level. It was rough, but I kept shifting my weight, just enough to help cushion the impact on my knees.

As the trip wore on it was more and more apparent that the impact on everyone knees was starting to add up. My sister was complaining of sharp pains just under her knee caps with each step.

I let her borrow a trekking pole and we all sort of shared them the rest of the trip as we made our way. Two trekking poles are better than one. They seem to just propel you along, but even one is better than none.

If you think, “I don’t want to always have them in my hand – seems like a nuisance,” well fear not. This was one of my main concerns. I just like to be free, but the trekking poles were not a hindrance, they were added support. Even on quick rest breaks where I didn’t want to fully sit down I could just sort of lean into them and take some of the stress off my legs.

A stick found in the woods doesn’t work as well either, these things are light, basically just kick out in front of you and propel you forward. Also, that added spring action on the tip is important, so make sure you find ones that have that. Mine also has a compass on one of the sticks at the top.

Bottom Line: You are not too cool for a set of Trekking Poles!  Trust me, on our next hiking adventure everyone showed up with a set of trekking poles!  See for Yourself!

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  1. Jennifer Choban

    I,m glad you wrote this. I’ve been thinking about hiking poles for years. Maybe this will push me into doing it.

  2. Michael Jon Falk Post author

    No problem Jenny, they are essential in my view. I even bring them on some day hikes if there will be a lot of down hill stepping especially if it’s rocky ledges and you just keep stepping down. Even with the poles my knees got screwed up pretty bad where they hurt for weeks on my last outing. However, the poles definitely helped and I know it would have been worse had I not taken them. Definitely worth the investment.

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