Hofner Shorty Travel Guitar Review

The Hofner Shorty Travel Guitar is a great little Guitar that doesn’t feel or sound like a mini model. The beginner will enjoy the low price, high quality and tremendous value, while the most accomplished player will notice immediately that it has a standard sized neck. The Hofner sports a 24 ¾ scale neck and in the hand it feels a lot like a Les Paul except there is not as much body weight. The neck is fairly identical to other popular guitars but the body is smaller and lighter for easy handling and portability.

The Hofner Shorty is actually a redesign of a popular guitar built from 1982 -1986. In those days the Hofner was made in Germany. It was a fine example of German craftsmanship. The new design is practically identical to the original. The buyer can choose from four colors, black, blue, pink and red, just like in the 80’s.

Not Just another Practice Guitar
The Hofner Shorty TG is not just another practice guitar. It actually looks great and is suitable for public performances. It looks absolutely stunning and the sound quality is competitive with other electric guitars and far exceeding the sound quality of most guitars in its price range.

Excellent Performance Guitar
The lighter weight actually feels great once one becomes accustomed to it. It certainly makes those on stage moves a little easier and more comfortable. The Hofner Shorty Travel Guitar weighs less than ten pounds, has an overall length of only 32 ½ inches, and yet has a full sized neck. For this reason, the Hofner can become so comfortable that it actually does feel like an extension of the musician. Musician and instrument just meld together, and it feels very natural to hold.

Caring for your Hofner Shorty Travel Guitar.
The Hofner Shorty is durable but care should still be taken in storage. Just as with any guitar, the neck is a major concern. Whenever resting your guitar for more than a few hour, be sure that it is put in a case that provides proper neck support. Definitely consider a hard case for storage and travel. The Shorty is extremely portable, but always be careful when packing. This is true of any guitar.

Restringing the guitar can be a bit tricky for some people. Unless one has owned dozens of guitars, the task always feels a little strange the first time. If in doubt about the process research or enlist the help of a more knowledgeable friend the first time it is strung. It’s always good to have an extra pair of hands on this operation anyway. Beginners might consider asking a reliable music store to do the job the first time, and allow them to watch.

The Hofner Shorty Travel Guitar can be a Musician’s Favorite
Since the current version (2005 to present) is a slightly updated 180 its styling is reminiscent of the 80’s rockers. It is comparable to much more expensive guitars in sound, and overall quality and appearance. It features a standard 32 ¾ inch neck and all the features one would expect on a new guitar including a Humbucker pickup and output jack. It can be customized further by an experienced guitar technician, and it is a joy to hold. It’s truly an easy guitar to become attached to.

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  1. Roger

    Do they make this in a Left handed model?

  2. Robb

    I played the 1980’s model that was made in Germany, and as long as you are using a strap, the guitar was well balanced and played well. I decided to purchase a new one for myself, which are made in China. The neck outweighs the body, so you must support the neck while playing with a strap, because the neck will drop down. The body is too small to comfortable play resting on your lap, so the new models are very difficult to play. No quick chord changes and runs on this guitar. I even brought it to a luthier who tried moving the strap button to different positions to try to balance the guitar body and neck and no luck. Only way to correct the problem is by weighting the body to keep the neck up. I would not recommend this guitar to anyone. Getting of the one, I have.

    1. john

      nonsense review………perfect for sitting down with in the lap. The right strap balances perfectly Ive used mine standing and sitting.

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