Hohner 7545 CX12 Chromatic Harmonica Review

hohner-7545-CX12-Chromatic-HarmonicaThe Hohner 7545 CX12 Chromatic Harmonica isn’t going to be the finest harmonica you’ll ever own, but it’s a good start and worth owning for a couple key reasons.

Starting with the goods, this is definitely an easy to manage harmonica, as all four of its parts can be disassembled and reassembled without any tools, making it easy to clean and manage. In addition, this harmonica can survive a few drops, and is overall pretty durable. Furthermore, it bends easily, and sounds fairly clear. Overall, it has all the makings to be a nice simple chromatic harmonica that will play classical and country pretty well.

There are also some noteworthy features. This harmonica will set firmly in your hands, with little slipping and sliding. The mouthpiece is also nice and smooth, which is a benefit that anybody who has played on a rough harmonica can appreciate. In addition, you’ll be able to wail pretty loudly on the guy, which is great in a pick-up jam session.

The downsides go more towards the longevity of the instrument. Frankly, after some time, this harmonica’s bass notes becomes pretty wheezy, which is going to be a real disappointment if you’re not expecting it over time. In addition, you can expect to be replacing the reed every year or so per harp. In addition, it’s worth mentioning that the slide could be a tad more responsive and it’s also a bit noisy.

Overall, this isn’t going to be every-body’s harmonica. For an amateur, it might be good simply because this harmonica is easy to maintain, and by the time it starts to lose that bass, you’ll probably be moving on to a newer better harmonica. For the seasoned pro, this can also work well for practicing and rehearsals, but you’ll probably want something a little bit higher end for the stage.

Whatever group you fall into, what will likely make or break this purchase is the price tag. If you’ve got the funds and like the benefits, this can be a great choice, but do keep in mind that there are some better choices in lower price ranges for both the professional and the amateur.

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