Hohner 7545G CX-12 Gold Chromatic Harmonica Review

Hohner-7545G-CX-12-Gold-Chromatic-HarmonicaHohner, a German based company specializing in musical instruments since 1857, recently released the Hohner 7545G CX-12 Gold Chromatic Harmonica. The innovative design makes it a technically wonderful instrument to play, while the gold metallic design makes this instrument appear sleek, professional, and hip. This quality piece would make a quality addition to any musician’s collection of harmonicas, and it may prove that no collection is complete without it.

The Hohner 7545G CX-12 Gold Chromatic Harmonica features a molded one-piece housing that removes the mouthpiece and front cover screws. By moving these seemingly necessary pieces to the back plate of the instrument, the flow of the instrument remains uncompromised. This means that the musician has fuller control of the instrument.

Further, because of this removal and this new style of design, slide action and compression are vastly improved over comparable instruments. Overall, this enables the musician to have a quicker response than other instruments in its price range.

If your considering the CX-12 Gold vs. the standard CX-12 model then what you need to know is that the gold version has thicker reeds creating better volume and tone making it really worth the extra cash.  When you match this to the louder potential volume and the superb air tightness featured in the Hohner 7545G CX-12, it becomes an instrument that few will be disappointed by.

This Harmonica can be assembled and disassembled in under a minute without the use of tools, enabling you to fix it or examine any issues on the go. It also doesn’t clog easily, but because its four piece structure snaps apart without undue effort, any clogs can easily be taken care of at a moment’s notice. The quality assembly and materials used on this device means that it won’t unexpectedly bend and that the overall integrity of the instrument will not be compromised through even the most frequent usage. Hohner, long known for their quality, stands behind this instrument.

Many design elements, long considered standard parts of a harmonica, have been shifted in the revolutionary design of the Hohner 7545G CX-12 Gold Chromatic Harmonica. With its overall high playability, sleek design that will satisfy many, and the high quality of this instrument, this harmonica will please musicians and will provide a reliable addition to any player’s collection.

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