Hohner 7582/64 Super 64 Chromonica Harmonica Review

Hohner-7582-64-Super-64-Chromonica-Chromatic-HarmonicaThe German made Hohner Chromatic Super 64 Harmonica is one of the best harmonicas around. Not only is it top of the line in quality and tone, but its playability is extremely adaptable. This harmonica is for the novice and experienced alike but recommended for serious playing only. Its sound and clarity will leave one astonished.

The engaging chromatic quality of the Super 64 is the highest in quality. The double thick reeds make it almost impossible to bust a reed, giving you a clean sound when bending a note. The smooth extended body, as with most all Hohner ‘s, makes it easy on your lips enabling you to play for hours. To top it off, there are four extra holes that broaden your range and helps give one a better grip on the harmonica for an even flow of rhythm. As well, very rarely is there clogging, the round holes not only give you a better sound quality but makes cleaning effortless.

The Super 64 plays effortlessly and is always adaptable. There is a gradual increase in volume when playing instead of a sudden unexpected tone. The reed response when bending is not only clean but resonant giving a natural acoustic sound. The Super 64 tone is so pristine and pure that it is enriched by the talent of the person playing. This is an extremely magnificent instrument to play due to its perfect range in sound and clarity.

Music Style Versatility:
The sound of the Super 64 is so clear that you can easily play most types of music. Although many musicians feel that it is best suited for Jazz and classical styles. Some musicians say that the Super 64 is designed for soloists because they feel it is a lead instrument and not for background sound. Yet the versatility of this instrument is astonishing. The Super 64 is an all-around harmonica, its quality is so outstanding that your style is very changeable. No matter what style of music you play, the wide-ranging sounds are everlasting. Once you play a Super 64 you will no longer want to play anything else.

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  1. Joseph Hebert

    How does one clean a super 64 chromonica by Hohner?

    very nice instrument..

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