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After fiddling around with a couple of other harmonicas, I went to hear a friend play his new harp at a local pub. He was using a Hohner 7584 Super 64X Chromatic, which he’d been raving about. Though he’s a good blues player, I was blown away by the tone when he when he switched to softer, jazzier sounds. The Super 64X projected well, but lost none of the sweet notes he needed with changes in melody.

I was impressed. Even though it was a mouthful just to remember the name of this Hohner, (and it was a bit more expensive than I’d budgeted for) after taking a trial run on my friend’s Super 64X, I ordered one. Right out of the box, I was dazzled. It’s a gold-plated-on-black, coverall beauty; the design is innovative compared to other harps I’ve tried. And though some players don’t like plastic covers, I found the tone of this model deep and rich.

The slide is precise, allowing me to sample a variety of styles I’ve been hesitant to try. Now, even when I’m messing with folk sounds, I don’t ever feel like I’m missing the right note. And I didn’t notice any buzz or rough sounds like I had with a couple of other brands.

It didn’t take too many hours to dampen the reeds enough for me to stick the notes. There was little clogging; as my friend pointed out, that was the result of my technique, which I tweaked. It’s easy to maintain, now that I’ve improved my style. Cleaning is a snap.

The 7584 Super 64X was airtight from day one; making me feel like a virtuoso — even in the confines of my home’s less-than-perfect acoustics.

Hohner didn’t get its reputation just by being the first name you think of in harmonicas, if the 64X Chromatic is any indication. In my less-than-professional hands, I’ve been able to get atmospheric tones in every type of music I’ve tried. Now that I have some miles on it, the handling is even better, and I’ve managed to produce some sax-like sounds, without getting tired.

You won’t be intimidated by choosing the Hohner Chromatic 64X, whatever your style — classical to blues, jazz to your own solos. If you’re serious about playing, even just a serious hobbyist like me, pick up the 7584. I know I couldn’t have picked a better instrument.

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  1. jeff

    i just purchased this harmonica it was expensive and i am a novice harmonica player. though not a novice musician i hope this instrument is as good as all the people who reveiw it say it is

  2. R. K. Bhagat

    Please provide information regarding this model of Harmonica – Hohner 7582/64 in terms of :
    *Price in Indian currency
    *Shipping and delivery in India – Time & Mode
    *After Sales Service and Guaranty/Warranty
    *Comparison with Walther Chromatic Harmonica
    Thanks & Regards

  3. han

    i heard that the plastic comb of super 64 X is easily cracked in high humidity places. is it so? does the plastic cover provide a strong protection to the reeds? recently i heard the lower octave’s notes sounded nasal. is it true?how was the reed responsiveness?

  4. Alvin Cink

    I have three super 64x’s I am looking for parts.
    I need 2 mouth pieces and 2 slides complete.
    By far the best harmonica, but the gold plating wears
    off of the mouth piece and slide.

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