Hohner HC03 3/4 Scale Classical Guitar Review

Hohner-HC03-34-Scale-Classical-GuitarThe Hohner HC03 3/4 scale classical guitar is not your standard travel guitar. It comes with the quality and features you would expect from a full size Hohner with a 3/4 scale offering the convenience of a travel guitar.  It’s really the perfect size for a younger student just learning the ropes also. Not only is this guitar a dream to play but it follows the Hohner A+ advantage system, providing the best in both quality and affordability.

I loved this little Hohner guitar at first strum. The HC03 features a beautiful spruce top, with nato (eastern mahogany) back, sides, and neck. Being as it is a 3/4 size guitar it offers extremely fluid and fast play-ability with it’s hardwood eighteen fret fingerboard and bridge that is perfect for the musician or student alike.

I have owned many guitars throughout my life. I have owned Gibson, Fender, Carlos, Martin, Yamaha, Condor, Ovation and a bunch of other lessor brands. From the second I took the HC03 guitar out of it’s case, I was impressed by how nice and well made it really was.  I mean, especially for the price, it’s a great value and not to be confused with toy’s sold for like 50 dollars in department stores.  I got mine for around 70$ so it’s worth the extra 20 bucks to avoid a lesser quality instrument that just frustrates you. Every note on the entire neck has been pitch perfect which tends to be a common complaint of cheaper alternatives. Hohner has really outdone themselves with this guitar!

The action on this guitar is very low and it has great quality tuners but lets not kid ourselves.  No, it’s not a Martin or even a nice 500 dollar full size guitar but it don’t have to be. It certainly doesn’t sound like a small guitar, producing vibrant and beautiful tones with every strum of the strings. I have played guitar for over three decades and this little guitar ranks among my top in quality and ease of play. I have two full size classical guitars and this has been my go-to many times for practicing and performing alike.  With the 3/4 scale and full size sound you simply cannot beat the Value of the Hohner Hc03!

In buying this guitar you are also getting the Hohner A+ advantage system which provides you with 10 quality categories regarding the craftsmanship. What this means is you’re getting a guitar that has been built with a meticulous standard and understands the importance of a durable and reliable instrument.

Overall, there isn’t much not to love about the Hohner HC03 3/4 size travel guitar. My favorite thing is the ease of playing. The size of this guitar is perfect for younger players but I found it to also be a great fit for me, an older player who can sometimes get cramped playing a full size instrument. The fit of this guitar was perfect! I have been able to play for hours on end with this guitar and it hasn’t skipped a beat, needed a lot of retuning, or failed to please. The clarity, sustain and how rich and warm the lows and mids are with bright tonal highs will blow you away! The Hohner HC03 is just a great example of what a budget friendly classical guitar can be and should be!

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    Can you put a strap on it or does it come with one?

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