Hong Kong: Plan, Prepare, and Prepare some more

It was a long-time dream of mine to travel outside of the country. And just last December, I had my dream come true; I got myself a round trip ticket to “Asia’s World City” – Hong Kong.

It all started with a spur of the moment invitation from one of my college friends. She saw a discounted ticket to Hong Kong for December and instantly sent us a group message, asking us if we wanted to go with her. Without any hesitation, I said “yes”. I didn’t even bother checking my calendar for any appointments or scheduled responsibilities for December. I would haved move mountains if I had to, just to get on this trip. Five more friends agreed to go and we got seven confirmed tickets to HK, baby!

So, tickets were all good, next thing we needed was reservations for any backpacker guest house near the city centre. After some deliberation and some help from our friends who had travelled to HK already, we reserved rooms from Golden Crown Guest House.

Hong Kong Research

Tickets: check. Rooms: check. But here comes the hardest part: the two-month long wait. So to make my time productive, I researched all about Hong Kong. I compiled all the helpful information I could get and printed it out as a reference. I also made a rough draft of our itineraries, I even included the places where we would eat, the train we would ride and all the other little FIYs. We were all first-timers so we badly need to be in the know.

Hong Kong Wardrobes

As early as October, I already bought myself two jackets, scarves, bonnet, beanies and a pair of boots to bring with me during my trip. December is winter time in HK so definitely it would be freezing cold.  Since, I’m a little bit of a “fashionista”, I had delicately prepared my set of wardrobes from day one to day three.

Planned attire for DAY 1

Planned attire for DAY 1

Planned attire for DAY 2

Planned attire for DAY 2

Planned attire for DAY 3

Planned attire for DAY 3

Hong Kong Currency

This was quite a hard one because I decided to change my money on the day of our trip, thinking I still had a lot of time to choose the foreign exchange converter that had the best selling rate. Unfortunately, that was a bad choice. Almost all the currency converter shops I know had decided to go on vacation for their company Christmas party. So I was left with just one converter and unfortunately it was the one I wanted to avoid because of their sky-high selling rate. I had no choice but to change my money to Hong Kong dollars there. Too bad, my budget for shopping was scratched – poor me!

Hong Kong Dollars

Hong Kong Dollars

So for all you first timers out there, may it be for Hong Kong or any other foreign country, don’t forget to research any data about that country; from their transportation, tourist attractions, language, weather, maps, to currency and all the other little things that you need to know before your trip. As much as possible, know the weather update during your travel dates so that you’ll know what clothing will be comfortable during your trip. You don’t want to wear a fur coat when it’s a sizzling hot day, right? Last but not the least; prepare your money ahead of time. Try to convert an ample amount of money, not just the big bills, but try to get some smaller ones or even coins, pennies or dimes because you’ll never know it might just save you from a missed bus ride. 😉

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  1. Jennifer Choban

    Glad you got to go, Wynna! I think Hong Kong is one of the best “eating cities” in the world.

    Apparently, everyone else does a lot more planning than I do…

  2. Michael Jon Falk

    I like how Wynna plans fashion for the trip! Great choices! So awesome and I’m glad you got to experience Hong Kong and have a dream come true. I’m a horrible planner too Jenny, the only thing I take a extensive look at is hikes in the area 🙂 Afterall, I don’t want to be one of those people getting helicoptered out lol

  3. WYNNA Post author

    @jenstravels: If you’re as overly eager and crazily excited to travel as me, it’ll be easier to plan. haha 😀
    Yep, Hong Kong has a lot of good restaurants, too bad I haven’t got enough time to try it all.

    @mfalk75: Thanks Mike, I really had fun choosing outfits for this trip. 🙂 Try this simple tips I did for my HK trip the next time you travel. 🙂

  4. WYNNA Post author

    @Annette: Thanks dearie! I hope you found my post useful for your upcoming travel. Please do share your HK experience with us soon. 🙂

  5. Elmer Cruz

    I like this post WYNNA – I think we could really play this slant on the site…what to wear for these travels…where to play…what to wear when you play. Travelers are often bad planners (speaking for myself) due to so many variables to take into consideration for the trip – activities, season, climate changes, and the dreaded baggage allocation. Do we gear up for style, comfort, or both?

    Love the post WYNNA. I started not taking a lot of cash with me and use mainly credit cards – much more secure and convenient…just keep track of your spending and dont go overboard or you’ll be left with huge interest charges.



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