How to Snowboard in Powder

So, how to snowboard in powder is the question you will no doubly come to if you are a serious snowboarder. You re standing on top of the world, a fresh blanket of powder dusting the peaks, smoothing the edges. The early morning sun shimmers across the white slopes affronting your eyes. You Pull your goggles down and prepare the descent into the pale.

Hold on, back it up, do you even know what your doing? Think about it, your on your way down. It feels like you have a pillow of air under your board, the turns almost effortless. At some point you realize just how deep the snow is as you find your hand incidentally dragging. Was that on purpose? Who knows, your were to busy focusing on the waves of snow continuously smacking you in the face. Oh my god, where the hell am I? With each turn the edges of your board bring up a cloud of white chaos that forms the space around you. At times, you wonder if this cloud will steal your breath altogether.

Ok, yeah, you just said sign me up didn t you. Why not, if your on top of the hill and fresh tracks are yours to claim, you eared it. So lets go. Here s a few quick tips to help make the experience more then just digging yourself out of the snow all day.

Guide to Snowboarding in Powder

Step 1:Find a spot for snowboarding powder: Preferably this is going to be a open slope, free of obstacles. Your probably going to need to show up early if you expect fresh tracks.
Step 2: Hit it straight on: Lead with your nose, point it straight down and get some speed. Now the trick is to lead with your nose, not bury it. You can try to position yourself on your board to give you a little extra nose. This will make it a little easier to keep you nose out of the snow. Just know, if you hit powder heel or toe-side you will fall.
Step 3: Lean back: Whatever stance you are using you will need to keep your weight slightly toward the tail of your board. This will help keep your nose out of the snow. Again, If you give yourself a little extra nose you will find it easier.
Step 4: Float: Bounce gently on your snowboard with your descent. Remember you should feel like your floating, make it so. This will help keep your speed up while staying above the snow. When you feel yourself sinking, bounce.
Step 5: Gentle Turns: Little kicks of pressure here on either side of your board is enough. Carving turns on good powder should be easy and almost effortless. Before each turn bounce a little to keep yourself floating swiftly on top.
Step 6: Be Smooth: When you have it all down, you should find some order in what appears to be complete madness. Hit it straight on, nose up, lean back, bounce and float with your turns. Establish this and you can ride powder my friend.
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