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Lately I have been catching up on my fix of travel adventure by reading all sorts of my favorite travel bloggers ( TravelsWithANineYearOld, LeaveYourDailyHell, HeckticTravels, GoSeeWrite, and a whole bunch more). And to be truthful, I started becoming quite envious (and intimidated) that these travelers simply drift wherever life takes them and hop countries before I even decide to catch up on my laundry. Then I started reading blog posts like ‘Are We Really That Lucky to Travel’ and ‘The Reality of Being A Professional Blogger’ and it got me to thinking.

I’m pretty content with just being an expat.

Redecorating our house :)

For a while I was a little intimidated that I have not traveled nearly as much as these fellow travel bloggers but it took some personal discovery on my part to realize what type of traveler I am. I cherish being able to call a place home and go shopping for hours, I like getting to know the locals on a personal level and between me and you I’m quite the lazy traveler. Traveling with a backpack filled with a few outfits and constantly moving on to a different country every week is not really my neck of the woods.

I like to take things slow, really slow.

Having a snowball fight with some of the in laws and our neighbors.

There’s no reason to be intimidated by these travel ‘gods’. Simply stay true to yourself. If you don’t see yourself climbing up mountains and jumping out of airplanes, there is plenty more to do while traveling. I feel as though everyone should travel, but with all these up and coming travel bloggers out there it can put quite the pressure that your trip isn’t as ‘adventurous’ if you don’t experience the craziness that they get high off of. Everyone is different and if you want to go out and spend a week per year getting drunk in Mexico or perhaps give bird watching a try in the Midwest, go for it! Your travel itinerary is all up to you and although these travel ‘gods’ may be up to the hundreds in the amount of countries they have traveled, perhaps that is not for you.

Continue to push your limits but do it for you, not just because you think that is what you’re supposed to be doing.

A few of the many other expats I have found living in Amman, all for completely different reasons.

With time I’m sure the type of traveler you are will adjust itself and if you feel as though becoming a nomad is the right lifestyle for you then by all means sell your stuff and travel the world on a whim! But if taking a family road trip once a summer is your idea of adventure, you are still quite the traveler!

Discover the type of traveler within you and go for it!

PS. Those ‘intimidating’ travel bloggers are a much better resource than any guide book in finding ways to get good deals and learning more about where to go during your travels. So instead of dwelling on the fact of how ‘intimidating’ travel bloggers can be, use them to your advantage ;)

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  1. Dalene
    Dalene says:

    Oh boy…if there is anyone you should NOT be intimidated in, it’s us! We’re lazy travelers who go super slow and don’t jump out of airplanes. And I won’t even tell you about our laundry situation. :)

    You hit a very important point in the article – staying true to yourself is absolutely what everyone should do. No need to be intimidated by anyone, ever!

  2. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Haha I’ll keep that in mind the next time I look at your jaw-dropping photos ;) and I love the way you guys travel with housesitting gigs I think that’s my only shot in traveling around Europe the way I would like to lol
    Happy travels to you and Pete :)

  3. Jennifer Choban
    Jennifer Choban says:

    Bravo, Tiffany. Being content in life is the whole point. And when you’re living as an expat mundane activities like going to the hardware store to get supplies for those home-improvement projects can be an adventure in itself!

  4. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Oh yes for sure! For me, taking a taxi was a HUGE step over here haha where as back ‘home’ I wouldn’t have to think twice. You really get to know the area and people in a whole different perspective than just staying a few nights, doing a few activities and then leaving.

  5. Elmer Cruz
    Elmer Cruz says:

    Hmmmm it’s inspiring me to research and write about the types of travelers. But you’re right Tiffany, adventure is subjective and to some (like me) even riding public transport is already an adventure, although I also have a taste for the extreme like diving, hiking mountain biking, etc. I guess it’s really enjoying what you do regardless of what others may say…after all you’re enriching your life not theirs! Good luck to you and hope to bump into you in the real world soon!!!

  6. WYNNA
    WYNNA says:

    Boy oh boy! I love being the lazy lazy traveler that I am. haha :)
    Doing the laundry is indeed a very exciting adventure for me and I plan to do it tomorrow, pronto! LOL
    Yes Tiff, just enjoy whatever makes you feel happy. And like what ELmer said, hope we can all meet up someday. :)


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