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OK, this product just sort of fell into my lap. My wife bought our son who is 11 a guitar about a year ago. He didn’t play it much even though I tried to sit with him and teach him. He tried, took to it a little but, then ultimately the guitar sat for months collecting dust.

I must confess, I’m not the best teacher but I figured if I could show him some basics he would just catch on. This was sort of the same way I learned and I figured you either show some interest or you don’t.

So about two months ago while doing some research I ran into some literature about Jamorama. For 39 dollars I figured what the heck and ordered the very basic online version. There is also a physical version, books and dvds, that cost more. It came with a 8 weeks money back guarantee so I figured it must be descent. If I felt like it was a scam and they gave me a hard time with a refund I would chalk it up as a learning experience that I could blog about.

My observations through my son: OK, so this is my take on the product before I actually looked it over.  I installed it on my sons computer, took a brief look through the first lesson and encouraged my son to give it a try and then I forgot about it.  Two weeks later my son comes out and tells me he is on the second lesson and wants to show me something.

This was exciting in itself because he had taken to practicing and I heard him in his room.  I was trying not to pressure him, he’s real sensitive to that type of thing.  Like, if I push him I push him right out of being interested so I was trying to show as little interest as possible.  This seems to work with him for some reason, haha.

So, I go to his room and he shows me what he has learned.  First he plays something on his computer from the Jamorama lessons.  Its a small track that sounds like a complete band with drums, lead, rhythm and bass.  Then he tells me he is the new band member and plays the track over this time without the rhythm guitar and he fills in.  Wow I thought, that’s awesome and I could tell he thought so too.  What a fun way to learn!

I mean, lets be honest.  He was playing A then D, A then D and that’s it but this really made it fun.  I remember when I was first learning guitar I was always thinking, when is this going to sound like something?  When am I going to be able to play a song?  With these lessons it makes the simplest of practice sessions fun and exciting.

I think the other thing that sparked my sons interest is the fact that his life revolves a lot around his computer.  We are tying to fix this bye creating a few time limit rules.  Still, I honestly think that by some weird association of the guitar lesson on his computer he became more open to it.

My observation after digging through the lessons: So, upon deciding I was going to give a little review of the product on my blog I decided I needed to dig through it a little bit.  Here’s what I found.

First, I noticed there is a lot of stuff here.  The online members area has a active blog with all kinds of useful guitar news including pointers and tips.  The members only forum is filled with novice and experienced players alike offering  the beginner answers to their questions.

The actual lesson plans are very well thought out and the structure is better then I could of hoped for.  Every lesson is filled with images, clear crisp videos of finger positions and the audio of how it should sound.  Nothing is left to the imagination.

One thing that really stood out at me was the support plan built into each lesson.  The lessons are not just do this, now do this.  Each lesson comes with some words of encouragement and some truly important life philosophies and how they relate to guitar.  Things like eating a well balanced diet and how its important to get enough sleep at night so your brain can process what you learned.  Again, more then I hoped for considering a price tag of under 40 dollars.

Who is Jamorama for? Jamorama is pretty complete and there’s a lot of lessons and a lot to learn.  Beginners and Intermediate players alike would benefit from the course.

Bottom line: I would recommend Jamorama to anyone interested in learning guitar.  The advertising on the site can be a little over the top like “play like Hendrix” but that’s understandable.  I mean, “play guitar like a star” is a lot more exciting than “learn guitar with 84 step by step lessons”.  I don’t think my son is going to end up Hendrix but hey, who knows.

What I do know is that so far he likes the guitar lessons and it seems to be working for him.  Its keeping his interest and when your learning guitar maintaining a active interest is half the battle.

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