Johnson Trailblazer Travel Guitar Review

johnson trailblazer travel guitar The Johnson Trailblazer Travel Guitar is a true musician’s friend. Packaged with Martin steel strings and a nylon carrying case, it arrives with everything you’ll need to create music on the go. Its durability, attractive finish, and great sound make it ideal for road performances and everyday practice. It’s now available for southpaws too.

How does the Trailblazer Travel Guitar sound? Featuring 22 frets and a 24 ¾” scale length, it packs a full register into a small body. It’s definitely preferable to short scale travel guitars, which invariably end up having flat intonation and other tuning troubles. The Trailblazer can more easily be interchanged with full-sized guitars when you’re on the road.

This guitar gets above-average reviews for volume. Its volume is stronger than one might expect from a travel guitar, though the small scale design of course has its limits. The Trailblazer’s acoustic strength is perfect for quiet practice or a campfire performance. To boost the sound, just install a pre-amp pickup and plug in. When amplified, the sound can barely be distinguished from that of a full size instrument.

As for fit and finish, the Johnson Trailblazer delivers a lot for a low price. The seamlessness of the neck and body binding far exceeds what one would expect on a travel guitar. The neck has a good feel, is easy to maneuver around, and maintains its tuning unusually well. A small criticism is that the Johnson Trailblazer’s action is a bit high. It’s still a fine instrument for professionals on the move, but it may not be the best guitar for beginners and kids.

The Johnson Trailblazer Travel Guitar gets high marks for durability. Its spruce top, mahogany balance, and high quality nickel-silver frets are forgiving of a traveler’s lifestyle. The guitar’s high gloss finish will glow for years with reasonably good care. Take note though, you’ll need to invest in another case if you’re planning to take this guitar through rough territory. It arrives with a nylon case that’s adequate for a jaunt across town but certainly not fit for more extensive travel.

In all, the Johnson Trailblazer is well worth a small investment.

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  1. pete

    thank you. finally a decent review on the guitar for a traveller who needs to bring something with him

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