The Kala Pocket Ukulele Review

The Kala Pocket Ukulele – A Compact and Beautifully Sounding Ukulele at an Affordable Cost

Most mini-ukes, despite being more affordable in cost, are far less efficient than the Kala Pocket ukulele.  When it comes to delivering the kind of sound quality and practical performance you want this ukulele delivers.

The tiny instrument was built according to sopranissimo standards, ensuring a minimal size and a more manageable, thin and low-weight body.  So if your main goal is to make music but still travel light, then the Kala Pocket Ukulele is a great choice.  It’s also a great choice for children.

A Compact and Versatile Uke

At only 16 inches in size, this Kala model is one of the smallest ukes on the market.  It can fit in any carry bag or suitcase. You’ll probably be tempted to bring it everywhere with you just because you can.

Its satin finish, spruce top and rosewood fingerboard are some of the main qualities of the uke.  It’s really a high quality, stylish and durable little instrument. Despite its size, this compact ukulele is definitely not a toy. Its small scale frets are fun and challenging at the same time.  Warning, If you have big fingers you may find it difficult to maneuver the small frets.  The instrument features impressive sound quality and intonation, as well as some of the brightest high notes you can hope for.

Impressive Sound Quality

Thanks to its mahogany back and solid spruce top, the sound quality of the Kala Pocket ukulele is surprisingly good when viewed in contrast with its size. The geared up tuners make sure users always stay in tune while strumming.  The nickel/silver fret finishes not only improve on the sound, but also give the uke a more stylish look.

There aren’t many pocket ukuleles on the market that can boast the same level of quality and care as this Kala product when it comes to their construction. Although less expensive, the Andoer Mini ukulele is an inch longer, while its intonation is not as good as the Kala’s.

A couple of other options are the Diamond Head DU-150, one of the best small soprano ukes out there.  You should also check out the Ultnice pocket ukulele which has a traditional shape and full-body sound that rivals that of the Kala.  It’s a far more refined piece than the many other cheap mini ukuleles out there and the price is good too.

Reviews and Considerations

Reviewers are generally surprised to find the Kala Pocket Uke play and sound so good despite its small size.  It’s considered by most to be a fun, incredibly small and somewhat strange little instrument. Despite that, even beginners find it remarkably playable and a lot of fun.

It’s portability and the fact that it’s much lighter than most ukes, yet not at all flimsy, makes it a great find for travelers.  We think many buyers consider it a versatile instrument fully worth its price tag.

Should You Buy It?

The sopranissimo scale tunes a little differently than any other uke, and the smaller distance between frets can make the Kala more challenging for people with larger fingers. Also, it definitely doesn’t have the sound of a tenor or a concert uke.  Still, the sound quality is widely superior to that of other mini ukuleles.

So, if seeking the portability of one of the most lightweight ukes on the market and your not bothered by the aforementioned drawbacks, go for it. You’ll most likely find the Kala Pocket uke to be one of the best investments you’ve made in a long time.

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