Lauren LA30N Student Guitar Review

Lauren LA30NThe Lauren LA30N 30 inch student guitar is a great starter guitar geared more towards young children just learning to play, although this is not a toy.  It also makes an excellent little travel buddy for us adults. It is a good entry level guitar, small/compact and not bad for the price you pay.

 This guitar is made of high quality wood with a glossed natural finish, durable metal components and nylon strings (low E, A and D strings are nylon wrapped in either brass or nickel).  Nylon strings make for more comfort on little fingers although these strings are harder to keep tuned.  I highly advise against replacing them with true steel strings which will cause stress and tension and possibly warp or snap the neck.

The first few times the guitar is played the strings will continue to stretch causing the guitar to be out of tune,  but over time they will stabilize and you won’t have to tune it nearly as much. Tweaking will be necessary at first. A little trick I learned is to tune the guitar slightly higher than normal before putting it away; this seems to speed up the process of stretching the strings. You will however have to re-tune the next time you’re ready to play.

I have read that too much tension can cause the bridge to break off, possibly causing harm to a child but I have not personally experienced this problem. My son has been playing the Lauren for a while now and just loves that it looks and plays almost like mine. It has stood up to some minimal abuse and is kept out in the open exposed to humidity and temperature change but seems to be holding up well. For the price you can’t go wrong, this little guy can start your child’s lifelong passion of music, but if interest is lost you won’t be taking a big loss on your pocket book.

The Lauren does not come with a strap or pick so if you choose this guitar to be your travel companion or your child’s first instrument you will need to buy these separate.

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