It was one scorching afternoon, a merchant riding a camel was suffering from severe illness after running out of food and water. He got caught in a sandstorm seven days ago—since then he’s been wandering in the desert not knowing where he’s heading. His worsening dizziness is getting more brutal now that the giant dunes are starting to grow wicked eyes and big mouths as if they’re getting ready to swallow him alive.

With his long tongue out, pale faced and dreary eyed, he struggled to lift his head searching for the comfort of a imaginary city in the distance. Then suddenly, the strength come to him out of nowhere urging him sit up straight with a horrified look in his face. His mind was completely blown away by what he saw.

“A gigantic lion with a human’s head guarding monstrous houses!?” said the shocked merchant.

Having second thoughts, realizing it might just be a mirage he tried to get closer. Slowly he made his approach until he saw plenty of houses and people near it. This gave him a big sigh that there’s nothing to fear about and that there’s something to celebrate because food and water is almost there to save him.

The Great Sphinx with Khafre's Pyramid in the Background in Giza

The Great Sphinx with Khafre’s Pyramid by marantzer

 This is just my idea on the kind of reaction the city of Cairo gets from foreigners who got there for the first time, during ancient times.

If you’re looking to have a first-hand experience on what it was like in ancient Egypt when Pharaohs still ruled then consider taking advantage of cheap holidays to Egypt.  You can have your very own Indiana Jones adventure in a time when primitive weapons like bows and arrows were considered high-tech.

Here are the Top 6 Attractions in Cairo, Egypt:

  1.  Keops Pyramid – Is also known as The Great Pyramid of Giza, Pyramid of Khufu and the Pyramid of Cheops. This is what I consider as the mother of all pyramids in Egypt because this colossal thingy is the simply the biggest of them all. This was made possible by Pharaoh Khufu. It used to be covered with casting stones which gives it a smooth and shiny surface and it’s also considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. A giant cat sits beside it called The Great Sphinx which is one of the largest statues in the world.
  2. Dahshur – This is a royal necropolis where we’ll find tinier and unique pyramids like Sneferu’s Bent Pyramid, Sneferu’s Red Pyramid and the Black Pyramid. The Black Pyramid has been eroded in the past which caused it to deform but still stands high in this royal necropolis. Going back to the Red pyramid, unlike other pyramids, you can still enter (if you dare) inside its tunnel and have that thrilling experience of going to the creepy crypt.
  3. Gizeh Plateau – If you’re fond of family pictures and you want to see an awesome view of the three great pyramids as a happy family with their pet lion The Great Sphinx then this is the place to be. You can have your picture taken with all of them in one shot. This plateau has a stunning view of Khufu’s pyramid, Khafre’s pyramid and Menkaure’s pyramid. It’s where we’ll also find tombs and small pyramids of Egyptian queens and two cemeteries.
  4. Saqqara (Sakkara) Pyramids – This place has a great collection of small pyramids like the famous Stepped Pyramid of Djoser which has a resemblance with Mayan pyramids. It appears to have the first stages in the evolution of pyramids because it has pyramids which are unfinished, the oldest pyramid in the world and some looks like an ordinary hill which is about to rise and grow as a big pyramid. We’ll also find funerary complexes of Pharaohs with ancient carved drawings and writings.
  5. Al-Azhar Park – After enduring a long but fun day in the desert while getting toasted by the sun—relaxing in this cool sanctuary which is full of palm trees,  lushful gardens, interconnecting water ways and big fountains would be perfect to regain drained energy. The multi-colored stonework in the park blending in the city’s great view is an admirable work of art.
  6. Egyptian Antiquities Museum – Finally, if you’re after a fabulous hardcore ancient history tour and is looking to see in person the actual things that you would only see in movies like The Ten Commandments, The Mummy, Indiana Jones, etc.—Brace yourself in this museum’s collection of ancient gadgets and accessories like ancient relics, bizarre statues/statuettes, colorful ornaments, GOLDEN helmets, old jars, GOLDEN masks, GOLDEN caskets, paintings, ancient stone inscriptions and much more. This tour will get you so dazzled with those items that you’ll have a hard time finding the exit after.

Saqqara Pyramids by MikeManning

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