London Olympics 2012: Getting Ready?

London Olympics 2012

The Olympic Games have been the most prestigious sports competition in the world with more or less 200 nations participating. The Summer or Winter Olympic Games are held every two years; and this summer the 2012 Olympics will be opening in London, making London the first city to have hosted three modern Olympic Games.

But aside from the Olympic hustle bustle, London has so much to offer. The city has been home to royalties for countless decades, and it has held its grandeur over the years. Wars and victories, kings and queens, crusades and convictions, saints and sinners had been a part of London’s mythical past and because of these, tourists worldwide are drawn to the city.

First Stop

London Eye

London Eye

If it’s your first time to visit the city, first thing to do is hop inside one of London Eye’s capsule during daytime because from the bird’s eye-view you can see all  of the attractions within a 25-mile radius. After taking in the breathtaking scenery you might as well go aboard an open-top bus and visit London’s long list of famous hotspots.

Shared or Private?

Whether a shared tour on a vintage double-decker bus or a private tour inside a traditional black taxi, it really doesn’t matter. What matters most is the amazing attractions that you’ll get to visit. Be sure to include these three interesting places on your to-do list:

Tower of London

Tower of London

1. Tower of London – The dark and gory history of the medieval days have been hidden inside these thick brick walls. Kids and adults might love to hear the Beefeater guides telling the lurid tales of the past.

Buckingham Palace

2. Buckingham Palace – Are you ready to see the changing guards of the palace? Or visit the queen’s coaches and horses in the Royal Mews? Whatever it is you like to see, Buckingham Palace is a real treasure trove.

St. Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral

3. St. Paul’s Cathedral – A colossal masterpiece noted for its intricate artistry and design, St. Paul’s Cathedral has been a very popular attraction over the years. And if you want to check the best skyline view of London try going up the 530 narrow steps going to the cathedral’s dome.

Comfort Zone

It’s a must to have a comfortable and budget-fitted place to stay during travel. And within London, you can have a lot of choices from A to Z. But if you are still undecided, let me give you the 3 best hotels in the city.

Egerton Hotel

Egerton Hotel

1. For luxury and pleasure: Egerton Hotel is a perfect choice for honeymooners or for leisure travelers because this luxury town house will give you only the finest. If you want to go shopping, you’ll have a chauffeur in your own private Bentley or Rolls Royce.

2. Budget-wise: Twenty Nevern Square is a perfect fit for those budget conscious travelers. Although cheaper than other hotels in the city, this Victorian townhouse has more than 20 individually designed rooms complete with hand-carved furniture.

3. Nearest the London Olympic Stadium: Holiday Inn Express London Stratford is conveniently located in the heart of London, near train and bus stations, city attractions and most especially the London Olympic Stadium.

So start packing your bags and get the available tickets so you can fly to London watch the London Olympics 2012 and visit the city’s fascinating attractions. Don’t forget to bring your camera! 🙂

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