London or Not Get Your Fix of the 2012 Olympics!

Were you unable to make travel plans to London for the 2012 Olympics? Do you still want to experience the heart racing thrill of the famous summer games? Have you always dreamed of being a part of the Olympics? No worries, you can still experience the same amount of thrill, excitement and accomplishment as any competing athlete. With over 30 different sporting events to choose from you can easily fill the rest of your summer up with loads of Olympian inspired events!

Need some ideas?  Well here ya go!

Gear Up Your Bike

Did you know there are four different cycling events in the 2012 Olympics?! BMX, Mountain Biking, Road and Track; so take your pick! Even if you do not own the right equipment you can easily rent a bike for the day and if you find you love the sport you can purchase all your equipment later on. Check out to find local bike trails in your area or ones that are located in your vacation destination.To make this fit in with your 2012 Olympics theme even more; have a friendly competition between your group of friends on who can finish first and create some sort of reward for the winner.

This guy’s going for the gold!

Head To The Water

You can find a ton of water sports in the 2012 Olympics some which include:

Canoe Slalom

This year’s canoe slalom competition calls for speed, control and precision on the daunting white water rapids at the new Lee Valley White Water Centre. So if you cannot make it out there to be with the Olympian bunch, surfing your local white water rapids is a great way to get a good feel of Olympian canoe slaloming. If you happen to not be close to any natural rapids head on over to Six Flags as most of their water theme parks feature a fun alternative to white water rafting 😉


This sport is a heck of a lot smoother than canoe slaloming but will still require the same amount of speed and precision to win the gold. You can head on over to your local river or pond to partake in this graceful sport. However, don’t be fooled by the grace of the pros as you will need a great deal of upper body strength to keep the lead. If you get lucky you may be able to spot a University team practicing and you could score a few tips on how to improve your rowing abilities.


Swimming is practically the token sport of the season and more than likely you have already put on your swimming gear this year. But let’s take it to the next level… the Olympian level! Find your opponent and head to the pool for the ultimate Olympic swim-off where you will be judged on time, posture and diving abilities. Perhaps you are a good swimmer, but do you have what it takes to be a 2012 Olympic athlete?

So what do you say, are you ready to experience the 2012 Olympics for yourself?!

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