Luna Safari Muse Travel Guitar Review

Great Little Guitar at a Great Little Price

Luna Safari Muse Travel GuitarInvesting in the Luna Safari Muse travel guitar has been a great choice thus far. Initially, I was against purchasing a smaller guitar because I did not want to give up any of the qualities of a full-size guitar, such as sound quality, comfort of playing, and workmanship quality. However, it became a must as I was becoming annoyed with lugging around my bulky full-size guitar at times that I just wanted to have it on hand. I am overall very pleased with this guitar for many reasons.

First, in making it they did not sacrifice sound quality for a smaller size. Although it doesn’t sound quite the same as its larger counterpart—it is a bit ‘tinny’–the difference in sound adds a bit of charm to it, and I am not put off by it. Next, I found the action to be a bit high but not unbearable.  I have smaller hands and though I can still play comfortably it wouldn’t be difficult to have it lowered.  Did I mention I have short arms too!  Yes, a killer combo of small hands and short arms so some might not find it difficult at all. I can imagine that others with similar features as I would find this guitar easier and more comfortable to play than the larger guitars.

Similar to other travel guitars, it is very light and easily transportable. You may find that the strings that come on the Luna Muse are not particularly the best type for it. I ended up switching out the strings and replacing them with strings that are lighter. Compared to the workmanship of other similar-sized guitars’ I have found this specific one to be superior. Others looked cheaply made and had visible glue marks.

On the other hand, I must admit my friend has a Taylor GS Mini and yeah, it definitely is better.  Even still, I don’t believe that one can beat the quality of the Luna Muse at the price it is selling for. For around $160, I don’t know what other guitar I could of bought, for the value probably none.

A pleasant realization that I have had with this purchase is that it is a great guitar for a variety of occasions. I have used it jamming with friends, when playing for my kids, and even on a camping trip. I appreciate its versatility; I know that I can grab this guitar at a minute’s notice and know that wherever I end up using it, it will perform to my satisfaction.  I’m not scared to bring it camping either like I might be with a more expensive guitar.  An added bonus is the Celtic etching around the sound hole that adds some nice customization to the piece. There’s also some added dimension with the light-colored face and darker finished sides and back.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a travel guitar that sounds closer to full-size guitars and has action that is neither too high nor too low, I would peruse some other options before buying this one. But if you are looking for a one that plays well, has a nice appearance, and has a price that fits in the budget I believe that this one is a great choice.  It really is a great guitar for the price.

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