Mammut Lundin Hooded Jacket Review

An Ideal Experience in Colder Weather with the Mammut Lundin Hooded Jacket

Hi-tech jackets can be far superior to your regular jacket when it comes to keeping you warm and providing you with the freedom of movement you require, and the Mammut Lundin jacket is a product that fits this profile quite well. Designed using Pertex Microlight fabric, the hooded jacket is advertised as lightweight, easy to use and able to insulate the wearer’s upper body ideally to keep them warm for a longer time period even in the coldest weather.

Main Features of the Mammut Lundin Hooded Jacket

The Mammut Lundin jacket is a dependable insulated jacket featuring 60g PrimaLoft Silver that maintains warmth, and efficiently separates wearers from the elements even in damp weather.

The 3-pocket design allows you to store any essential items, and the pockets are large enough to fit in larger equipment as well. It also comes with a reliable hood – which is not helmet compatible – as well as elastic cuffs and drawcord hem dials constructed to efficiently seal in the heat.

The synthetic materials it uses allow the jacket to be an ideal fit no matter what you wear underneath it. The jacket is a durable normal fit, and supports consistent base layers and a light mid layer.

Who Is Mammut Lundin for?

This jacket is mostly designed for snow sports. Sportsmen and amateurs who enjoy skiing, snowboarding and sledding will find it maneuverable enough to account for fast reflexes and warm and insulated enough to keep the cold, wind and snow out.

The nylon lining fabric and synthetic insulation also lead to an overall lower weight than most jackets, so you’ll have no problem when it comes to carrying heavier gear up the mountain.

Pros and Cons

The Mammut Lundin offers many practical advantages that make it a good choice:

The jacket is available in sizes 30 to XXL.
Rainproof and windproof, it allows for practical use in any weather.
Appearance-wise, this is a jacket actually deemed to look better than it does in pictures.
It features a longer arm length for extension and ease of movement.
The insulation is far superior to that of cheaper items like some Patagonia jackets.
The jacket features sustainable, bluesign-approved fabrics.

Some of the main disadvantages of the jacket include:

Some buyers have complained that it doesn’t feature an athletic cut.
The insulation can shift within the jacket, which may leave shoulders and upper arms exposed to cold on occasion.

Reviews and Ratings

Most reviewers have considered the Mammut Lundin a stylish, well-design jacket that fits well and offers adequate protection from cold, rain and wind. The sizing ranges are also a plus, and the only complaints have to do with the cut, which is considered less practical by buyers used to Mammut’s soft-shell jackets.

A few similar products that the Mammut Lundin was compared with include Mountainsmith 900 and NF Nuptse 700 jackets. The main advantage that the Mammut Lundin has over these jackets is the combination between its lightweight construction and the warmth it can offer. According to some reviewers, it is actually warmer than the NF Nuptse.

All in all, the Mammut Lundin is a recommended product for anyone looking for a practical jacket that offers good freedom of movement and adequate storage options.

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