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The Mammut Tomyhoi Jacket – The Real Insulated, Waterproof Jacket of All Trades

Nicknamed “jacket of all trades,” the Mammut Tomyhoi jacket is a fashionable and highly resilient insulated jacket for men developed by Mammut particularly for sportsmen. The jacket, however, has many hidden secrets and surprises, and can also pass as a casual – though highly efficient – and practical winter jacket.

Features and Benefits

The Mammut Tomyhoi is a straightforward, stylishly designed jacket featuring diverse color choices and high-quality insulating materials to keep out the cold. Here are a few of the most notable features of the jacket:

  • It is designed using DRYtech Premium technology and meant to be a fully waterproof, breathable and insulated jacket.
  • The jacket features impressively durable materials, its construction based on low-bulk synthetic insulation and a hood with a reinforced brim and handy 3-point adjustment.
  • The Tomyhoi is bluesign-approved, which means it is built according to some of the best guidelines regarding sustainability standards.
  • Improved ventilation and freedom of movement is facilitated by the jacket’s articulated sleeves and 2-way pit zips provided with added mesh backing.
  • The two-way front zip is designed to keep out water and cold efficiently.
  • You also get a set of low profile hook-and-loop cuffs that make the jacket easier to adjust.
  • Additional features include a waterproof chest pocket, superior drawcord hem dials and a quilted interior.

The Purpose of the Mammut Tomyhoi

The Tomyhoi is the kind of jacket that athletes, sportsmen, and people who want to look cool on holiday will always go for. Durable, stylish and built to be practical, it’s ideal for snow sports and other sporting activities associated with wintertime.

Also, the jacket is windproof and waterproof, making it a good choice for outdoor activities like hiking, enjoying the outdoors with pets, or jogging in the winter.

Important Specifications

The windproof and waterproof Mammut Tomyhoi features 115G synthetic fibers in the body and 100G in the sleeves and hood. This level of synthetic insulation goes beyond what most similarly priced jackets can offer. Competing jackets like the Mammut Whitehorn and GS6 are considerably more expensive.

The nylon fabric and lining fabric is also of a higher quality than most similar jackets, and the back length can adequately protect the wearer’s hips. There are 12 different sizes available for the Tomyhoi, ranging from 30 to XL and XXL.

What Do Other People Think?

Reviews written by buyers are generally positive, although there are a few complaints about the Tomyhoi. Some have considered similar Patagonia jackets to be a better choice when it comes to buying a ski coat, and the lack of a powder skirt is seen as a detriment by skiing enthusiasts.

However, the value of the jacket both as a casual coat and for various sporting activities during the coldest of winter months has been acknowledged by almost all reviewers. The main advantages being the jacket’s lightweight construction, good fit, handy interior pockets and ability to withstand cold winds of over 20 mph without much difficulty.

Most buyers would happily recommend the Mammut Tomyhoi as both a casual jacket and a coat used for sporting and athletic activities. Its superior insulation and ability to retain heat in sub-zero temperatures are undoubtedly some of the main reasons for this.

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Mammut Tomyhoi Jacket

Mammut Tomyhoi Jacket

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