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One of the best travel sized guitars on the market, the Martin LXM has the classic looks of a standard Martin guitar and the sound quality to match.  Small and lightweight, this little Martin is a versatile and handy instrument that lends itself to impromptu jams.  Weighing in with a 23 in. scale length the Martin LXM Little Martin is a best sound per pound contender.

Because of its size, the LXM is easy to play and even provides a new approach to guitar playing, enabling you to stretch between notes normally out of reach.  Although small, its unique construction creates a big voice and as a result, the LXM can hold its own against the bigger, standard sized instruments.

A Spruce-pattern HPL top gives the guitar a bright tone and makes it ideal for travel, extreme climates, and weather changes.  A real Spruce top might not be the best choice for such humidity and temperature changes. Even though it may not be as loud as a full size guitar or it’s wood counterpart It still has a very warm, balanced tone. For a 3/4 size guitar the sound really is phenomenal.

Martin have a reputation as one of the finest makers of acoustic guitars in the world and the LXM serves to support that reputation.  Although it is among the budget models in the Martin range, the build quality is still exceptionally high with thoughtful additions such as Gotoh nickel-plated tuners and a Spruce textured finish to the top.  The fingerboard is plainly finished and has no dot markers on the frets.  This minimalist design gives the guitar a look all of its own and reinforces the impression that players of this little instrument are looking for a no thrills guitar that delivers.

Another feature that may endear the LXM to players is the inclusion of a strap on the neck and another on the bottom of the body.  This little addition enables the guitar to be a true travel guitar and no doubt conjures up images for many people of being strapped to someone’s back as they hitchhike across the globe. OK, you can do this with any guitar but still…!

Before rapping this up let’s mention the inclusion of a gig bag because it’s a nice addition and saves the owner trying to find an appropriately sized gig bag themselves.

Whether you are a serious musician looking for another guitar for your collection or merely someone who wants a small bodied guitar for recreation, the Martin LXM is a guitar worth considering.  Affordable for most budgets yet still part of the prestigious Martin family, this little Martin is fun to play and has a great sound.

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  1. mitch

    Hey there Best Travel Guitars
    Thanks for the informative website..
    Trying to get my boy into learning guitar.

  2. Frank

    This is a very good guitar period. Obviously it can’t compete acoustically with an instrument of any kind that costs a lot more, but I’ve used this on many stages plugged in and the average audience member can’t tell the difference. This would not be suitable for anyone with big hands.

  3. paddy

    Hi,, i have a good collection of quality acoustic guitars. i was inspired by ed sheeran to by a little martin LXME, add it for 3 weeks now and can’t put im down plunged in it sounds amazing. thank ed i would never thought of purchasing one ..brill..

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