My Extreme Sky Challenge

One glorious sunshiny afternoon, I unexpectedly morphed into my slothful state. I’m too lazy to drive down the beach coast to soak in the warm sun.  I’m too lazy to go with my mountaineering friends. I’m too lazy to walk around the city park, even the malls have surprisingly become… overly boring!

I’m too lazy to do all of this but I’m not too lazy to try a one-of-a-kind thrill and adventure. Thankfully, when my friends learned of my unfortunate slothful mood they came to the rescue. They knew exactly how to solve my predicament. The good part is we didn’t have to drive far away from the metro since the location of the solution is just right in the heart of the metro itself.

The Sky Challengers

The Sky Challengers

This exhilarating quest will really jump start your whole lackadaisical system and will inject an extreme thrill that could undoubtedly perk up your senses. The name of the solution is: The Cebu Sky Experience Adventure. All you have to do is to go to Cebu’s tallest building, the Crown Regency Hotel and Towers, which stands a good 40 stories. This is actually the Philippine’s first Skywalk Extreme Adventure and the world’s first Edge Coaster.

For Skywalk Extreme Adventure, you will walk around the edge of the 37th floor (Yes, you got it right, 37th floor). Let me stress out that you will walk on a platform surrounding the 37thfloor which is outside of the building. But no need to fret because it’s definitely safe because before you start you will be required to don an orange jumpsuit, and a harness will be strapped very securely around you. And if you’re not convinced, a guide will walk along with you during your little adventure.

Skywalk Extreme Adventure 2

Skywalk Extreme Adventure 2

A teeny-weeny bit of panic will surely accompany you when you step out of the platform, but all the hesitations and fears you have will be forgotten when you see the majestic view that lies ahead. Your jaw will definitely drop with the breathtaking skyline view of the whole of Cebu and its neighboring island, Mactan. During the 15-minute walk-around you’ll try some stuff like sitting on the edge of the platform while your feet dangles in the air, getting some pictorials done and daring yourself to look down 37 floors below. I took in as many mental pictures of the spectacular scenario and before I knew it our 15 minutes was already over.

skyline view

skyline view

But the adventure doesn’t stop there, after taking in a good dose of adrenaline rush from the Skywalk Extreme you can now proceed to the floor above to enjoy another out-of-this-world adventure, this time the Edge Coaster,

Edge Coaster

Edge Coaster

which is the world’s first. Edge Coaster in layman’s term is a two-seater ride which moves around the edge of the 38th floor while the riders are tilting 55 degrees on air. Have you tried hanging on the edge of a building or a cliff? If you haven’t then you can try this thrill-filled adventure to know that “falling” feeling.

If 55 degrees is just too much for you, you have the freedom to control the tilt level of the ride to a much more comfortable state. And while you move around the building on-board the coaster you can still satiate your eyes with the same scenery but, now, one floor higher.

Skywalk Extreme Adventure

Skywalk Extreme Adventure

My feeling after our little adventure is a fusion of pride and satisfaction. No more lazy-daisy me but an energized spirit full of adrenaline-filled memories. This is definitely the city of adventure, I’ll never forget this in my entire existence. It may sound insanely ridiculous but I felt I was really walking in the sky!

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  1. WYNNA Post author

    you got it right buddy! full of adrenaline rush. you gotta try it sometime soon! you’ll get the chance to don that orange outfit too! 🙂

  2. Michael Jon Falk

    And we want photos Elmer! Haha, my favorite is the last photo, for some reason at first glance it reminds me of harry potter and you are waving a wand about standing on the edge of the world. Very fun indeed

  3. Tiffany

    Wow that sounds like SO much fun and the gear they give you to wear makes it so much more awesome 🙂 As long as I make sure to go to the bathroom beforehand this seems like a definite thing to do if I ever go to the Philippines! Great writing WYNNA!

  4. Jennifer Choban

    Wynna, I think it’s awesome that you get out and do cool things where you live. For some reason, when I’m home, I never go do adventurous things unless I have an out-of-town visitor.

  5. EJ Juen Jr

    Hi Wynna Skywalker, it must have felt good experiencing how it’s like to be spiderman with a web strapped in you to keep you from falling. Is it limited to walking only or do they let you swing like Tarzan? 🙂

  6. WYNNA Post author

    @mfalk75: LOL that’s weird Mike but harry potter is far from wearing a bright orange jumpsuit during his classes in hogwarts. haha
    @elmer: Yes, you got to take some pictorials up there. Just don’t forget to call out to the Vikings and the other gods for support. LOL

  7. WYNNA Post author

    @michael: LOL that’s weird Mike but harry potter is far from wearing a bright orange jumpsuit during his classes in hogwarts. haha

    @elmer: Yes, you got to take some pictorials up there. Just don’t forget to call out to the Vikings and the other gods for support. LOL

    @tiffany: Thanks Tiffany dear! You gotta visit us here soon, I’ll help you with your trips then. I like to see you with that gorgeous bright orange outfit too! haha 🙂

  8. WYNNA Post author

    @jennifer: Hi jennifer! 🙂 I was like you a year or so ago but now, I made it to a point to enjoy even my own place. It’s definitely hard to be a stranger of your own place. Why don’t you try some lil adventure every month? before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your own city too. 🙂

    @EJ: i like that.. Wynna Skywalker! that’s a pretty cool pseudonym. I’ll use that soon! LOL 🙂 Unfortunately though, you can not be like Tarzan, the guides might spank you for that. haha But you can dance or lie down or sit on the edge if you want. I’m sure you’ll be as satisfied. 🙂

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