New Zealand for One – Traveling Solo

by Darcy McCarty

You’re single, solo, alone, whatever you want to call it, maybe just free! You want to escape the confining restraints of the life you know, the the life that defines you every day. The life that has become stale and boring. It’s time for New Zealand for One – doing it solo.

New Zealand is the perfect place for those traveling solo. What makes it perfect? For starters, no language barrier, simple travel arrangements and well marked hiking trails make your outdoor adventures easily accessible. It just feels friendly, you’ll see.

It’s a beautiful, breathtaking place where you can inhale the scents of untouched forestry and gaze longingly at rolling green hills. Crystal blue waterfalls, streams, lots of green, fresh air and a call to your adventurous side all await you.

Did we mention the adventure? I think we did but seriously, if you are a traveler who craves adventure and not so much the typical touristy locations New Zealand is your place. It offers every sort of adventure-seeking activity you could possibly imagine. From hiking a mountain to scuba diving and getting a glimpse of the beautiful creatures under the sea, your thirst for excitement will be quenched when you book your visit to New Zealand. Even though New Zealand is travel friendly there are still some things you should keep in mind.

1) Be Safe – Whether you’re a man or woman, safety while traveling should be the top priority when going to another country. This is why safety has taken the number one spot in things to keep in mind. Make sure your accommodations are located in a safe, populated area of the neighborhood. While out, keep a clear eye on your surroundings. This doesn’t mean to be paranoid about every passer-by, but to be aware of who’s around you, what’s going on, is a vital part of traveling alone.

2.) Talk to People – Just because your traveling alone don’t mean you have to stay alone. If it’s not really your thing to talk to random people while out and about make it your thing! You will be glad you did. Seriously, you want to hike alone? That’s Dangerous and what about when it comes to drinking, nobody likes to drink alone.

So next time you find yourself on that cramped bus turn to the person on your left and just introduce yourself and start asking questions. Most people enjoy talking about themselves and it will break the ice and you may find yourself some temporary travel companions or who knows, life long friends.

3) Financial Needs – Before digging up some late deals and hopping on a plane to start your adventure, you have to look at your budget and the prices of the country you’re traveling to. Is it more expensive or less expensive than your home country? What do you want to do while in New Zealand? These questions will help you decide how much money to bring on your trip.

4.) Accommodations – If you plan to stay in a backpacking type hostel which usually are not bad by the way keep this in mind. Hostels range from the younger party crowd out to have a good time with the drinking (late teens to 25 or so) to the more relaxed YHAs. YHAs generally attract a good mix of people ranging from old to young but less interested in partying.

5) Location, Location, Location – No matter where you go in New Zealand, there is always something to do and something to see. If you want a culture-shock, you can visit museums or talk to locals about their history. New Zealand’s history is fairly recent but there is history in the first tribes that settled here. If you want to bungee or take a relaxation day at a spa, there are countless ways to entertain yourself while traveling alone.

Taking these ideas with you while you travel to New Zealand will guarantee you a safe and happy trip.

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