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Aotearoa, the Maori name for New Zealand which means, the land of the long white cloud is a developed country in the microcontinent, Zealandia. It is a fantastic country for a holiday, as it has great attractions, and it has been chosen as one of the best tourist destinations.

The first humans to inhabit the islands were the Maori around 1300 AD, but it was not until 1769 that Captain James Cook was the first Westerner to land on them. Therefore, the human involvement with these ecosystems is very recent and the environment still remains in a quite natural setting and you can find forests and animal species unique only to New Zealand and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

New Zealand is in our antipodes, below us, or better yet as the Kiwis say, we are below them. It is a completely isolated country located in the South Pacific about 1,600 miles separate the coast of Australia. It comprises two large islands and some smaller ones as Stewart Island. The capital is Wellington, although the largest city is Auckland. The country’s population reaches 3.8 million (66% in the North Island) with a total area of 270,530 km2 (slightly more than half of Spain).

Activities in the New Zealand
All aspects that may be of interest to tourists can be found in New Zealand. The people here have prepared a lot of attractions for comfort and ease for tourists, from short strolls among ancient trees to multi-day treks.  Imagine bathing on beautiful beaches or glacier hiking on foot or what the heck, how about flying!  You can see volcanoes and thermal phenomena.  Maybe your looking for unique wildlife or some rafting or maybe you just want to jump into the void and hold your breath.

Entertainment ranges from Maori rugby to trying to find the spot where the set of Lord of the Rings was.  Swimming with dolphins is another popular activity that can be found throughout the country. Wherever you look, the scenery is beautiful, there are fantastic landscapes to enjoy, and it is perfect for all lovers of photography. You can do almost everything in your New Zealand tour.

Trip Dates
New Zealand is perfect any time of the year, but some people prefer to visit this place during winter (August) because the car hire and accommodation are cheaper. The North Island has a very mild winter, while the south is much cooler and has lesser hours of light. Thus, the north has more visitors during this time of the year.

Money Matters
The official currency in New Zealand is the New Zealand dollar. Because of high standards of living in this country, it is not very difficult to find banks and money changers if you have Euro or any other currency.

Entry requirements
You need a visa to enter the country. It is also very strict when it comes to considerations about health and cleanliness. You cannot enter the country if you are bringing plants, food, and other biological entities that may introduce contamination because New Zealand is very concerned with their agriculture, therefore pests are not welcome.

Vaccine is not required to enter the country and the level of hygiene is enviable, but if you have been previously exposed to countries at risk of diseases, you must prove that you are vaccinated. The health system in New Zealand is very good.

It is one of the safest countries in the world. Tourists are even allowed to camp almost anywhere provided that they follow the rules and regulations.

To make your New Zealand tour worthwhile, the public transport network is varied and complete (taxis, buses, ferries, ferry, domestic flights ). There are several day passes for Auckland that allow you to take all transports. Along the route you may need to take some ferry or ferries to cross a fjord. You can buy tickets by phone before arriving at any point of information you will find the number, times and prices updated. There are also several desirable tourist trains like the Tranz Scenic which cuts across the Southern Alps.

There are several options to travel around this country, but some people choose to rent an RV (recreational vehicle) or a motorhome. So far, people who have travelled this way have not noticed any major disadvantage.

Virtually all the advantages are summarized in economic savings and time involved, plus the absolute feeling of freedom it grants. You save on accommodation and you can stop anywhere to sleep that is not expressly prohibited (or in town centers). This includes unforgettable secluded camping by a lake, right on the beach in front of a glacier.

There are different accommodations available in New Zealand and it all depends on the mode of transportation that you are using. It is also essential to note that there are changes in prices depending on the season, such as summer. There is a variety of accommodations like hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast, farmhouses, country houses, and camping sites. These are all well equipped and very tourist friendly.

It is very important also to take something home aside from the lovely memories you have made. The souvenirs sold in New Zealand are Maori inspired. There is a wide choice of crafts and other items like wood carvings, jade, food, and shells.

New Zealand is a very accommodating country, the place is very perfect for people who want to enjoy their holidays with much comfort, yet can still get to experience almost everything from nature. I hope you enjoy your New Zealand tour.

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  1. Jennifer Choban
    Jennifer Choban says:

    New Zealand is wonderful. Every town I went to was guaranteed to have two things I really appreciated: 1) a public bathroom that was so clean you could eat off the floor, and 2) a hike, mapped or very well marked, including ways to climb fences.

    I recommend bringing home a Merino wool sweater. If I had known how much I would love mine, I would have bought four of them!

  2. loredana valles
    loredana valles says:

    yes i agree that it is a wonderful place! funny description about the public bathroom, i think that people in new zealand are really concerned about their environment, that is why it is such a clean place.


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