A Big Turtle, Swimming with Sea Lions, and more on this #rtwa Friday

It’s #rtwa Friday again and we check in across the world to see what everyone is up to. If you want to join #rtwa Fridays please review this post on how you can use your Instagram account to post photos to our blog. Happy Friday Everyone!

chasingthedonkeycroatia says: Suited and booted!! Let’s get this #rafting done. If only those butterflies in my belly would go away…. Thanks to #bluesunhotels for arranging!

missmagpiefgs says: Wanna a ride? #venice #travel

chasingthedonkeycroatia says: Bombs away. Day tripping with #marcopolohotelcroatia #adriaticsea #chasingthedonkey

demonyika says: get to fly with the Philippine flag carrier #rtwa #pal #seeyoulatermanila

roamaholic says: Swimming with sea lions is my new favourite activity EVER! #galápagos #rtwa #escapenow

roamaholic says: Franklin can count by twos and tie his shoes. He can zip zippers and button buttons. #galapagos #wildlife #tortoise

wanderlustmegan says: A stop that you should make if travelling on the Trans-Canada between Chilliwack and Hope. The hike up to get a closer view is worth it.

demonyika says: the aerial difference of bohol and manila

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