Outdoor Research Plaza Down Hoodie Review

Check prices for the Outdoor Research Plaza Down Hoodie on Amazon

Check prices for the Outdoor Research Plaza Down Hoodie on Amazon

On Clearance – The Outdoor Research Plaza Down Hoodie – A Fashionable Jacket to Keep You Warm

A casual jacket for all purposes, the Women’s Outdoor Research Plaza down hoodie is the only jacket you’ll need as long as it’s not too cold. It’s the perfect choice around town and on camping, hiking or snowboarding trips.

It’s practical, stylish and designed to offer ideal comfort and support in windy weather. It’s not too bulky and serves as a great lightweight backup to your heavier jacket. You will also find it superior in quality to many other similar jackets. Best of all, the price is still slightly below average.

The Outdoor Research Plaza Down Hoodie is Warm and Comfortable

The Outdoor Research Plaza down hoodie is it’s great in cold windy weather and it doesn’t restrict mobility. The 700-fill Responsible Down Standard-certified quilt gives you the added support for staying comfortable in temperatures down to 40 degrees. The movement mirroring stretch ensures ideal freedom of movement.

The soft fleece-lined sleeves stay in place quite snugly with the help of the well-designed thumb loops. The jacket’s elastic drawcord hem seals provide you with additional warmth and support.

The jacket is insulated and its nylon and polyester construction keep it light while conferring adequate insulation from wind and cold. You’ll be happy to know the Outdoor Research Plaza comes in sizes 2 to XL with ten additional sizes in between.

Positive and Negative Points

The Outdoor Research Plaza is a jacket that offers comfort and softness, ensuring that you never get cold while wearing it. It also provides you with a good degree of freedom to move regardless of where you’re going. Here are a few of its main strong points:

  • The jacket is warm and should provide comfort down to temperatures of around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It can block strong winds efficiently without a problem.
  • It’s remarkably lightweight, so you won’t ever feel like it’s too heavy on your shoulders or that it’s dragging you down.
  • Wearers can cinch the jacket around the shoulders and waist for added support, and it will keep their head warm as well.
  • Reviewers claim they have bought it for a wide array of activities, from snowboarding and hiking to just wearing it around town, and it performs well in each instance.
  • Women simply love the color options and the style of the jacket, claiming it can be worn almost in any setting.

The only drawback of this jacket is that some of the sizes fit a little too snugly. A few reviewers mentioned this, however, they also said that the jacket still allows for a few good layers underneath despite this fact. Also, it’s important to remember that this is not a waterproof jacket, so wearing it in the rain is not usually a good idea.

How Is the Plaza Compared to Other Jackets?

In most cases, the Plaza fares well in comparison with other jackets. However, if you’re looking for added sophistication and technical superiority, you might need to pay extra for a Patagonia or Arc’Teryx product in particular. The North Face is also a good alternative if you’re looking for something a little more stylish and glamorous.

Compared to all these jackets, however, the Plaza is a much more casual and comfortable choice available at a lower cost. Its lightweight, snug, and uniquely stylish construction is also durable and will keep you safe in cold weather much longer.

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Outdoor Research Plaza Down Hoodie

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