Ovation CC012 Celebrity Trekker Travel Guitar Review

The Ovation CC012 Celebrity Trekker is a conveniently priced, round back guitar.  I recently bought one about 3 months ago and have played it consistently ever since.  From the moment you pick the guitar up, you’ll notice that it has a very nice feel to it as it’s not too big, but it’s also not too small.  I’m a pretty small girl so it works for me.  It’s length makes it very convenient to take with you on ventures such as camping trips, hence the name of the guitar.

The Trekker has a beautiful finish on it and boast a solid spruce top, walnut bridge and a mahogany neck/rosewood fretboard.  Construction looks pretty good and its definitely a durable little guitar.  Really I think the pictures on most retailers web pages simply don’t do it justice.

One downfall of the guitar is if I play while standing I notice a tendency for the guitar to shift against my body.  The front of the guitar starts to point toward the ceiling and you have to fight it a little bit.  I don’t know if repositioning the strap button might help or what can really be done.  I think the problem is actually a design flaw in the way the guitar is shaped or something.  I still find it comfortable to play and I don’t think its such a issue that it really hinders my ability to play.  It’s just something I noticed.

The only other problem I noticed with the guitar was the fact that the stock strings that come with it aren’t the greatest in the world.  I’d highly recommend changing them out to Martin Acoustic Strings or D’Addario Acoustic Strings.  I personally found that the strings that come on the guitar sound a bit raspy as if you were plucking metal, but it’s nothing that a good pair of 10 dollar strings won’t fix.  Don’t let these issues deter you away from this guitar as there are so many positive things about it.

Once you get a good set of strings on the guitar and have it in tune, you’ll find that it comes very close to matching the acoustic sound of other full sized guitars.  In regards to other travel size guitars it definitely beats the martin backpacker hands down.  I’m comfortable saying that other travel guitars in this price range don’t compare.  Sure, there is always better and the sound it produces isn’t the brightest I’ve ever heard, but you’d have trouble finding something that sounds any better for any cheaper.

The Ovation CC012 also has a very good neck that will allow you to play anything from slow, mellow music to fast, alternative style rock.  To top it off, the reliability of the CC012 is outstanding.  It stays in tune very well, and intonation up the neck is pretty good.  You’ll also find that the body of the guitar feels extremely sturdy.

In short, the CC012 Celebrity Trekker is a steal, priced at under 200 dollars. I’d highly recommend it to any beginner or novice guitar player who is looking for something to take on the road with them or play around the house. Pick one up today, and I promise you that on a budget, you won’t regret it!


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