Pignose PGG-200 Deluxe Electric Guitar with Built In Amp Review

pignosepgg200[1]The Pignose PGG-200 Deluxe Electric Guitar with Built-In Amp is a Play Away instrument designed for maximum functionality and comfort for the user. This guitar is efficiently crafted to be suitable for all players everywhere. Whether it is for beginners or experts, it gives a great experience. It can be used in music schools by both the teachers and the students, for coffee shop gigs and even on stage for concert performances.

The Pignose PGG-200 has a full twenty four and half inche scale as well as a 22-fret fingerboard. These Play Away guitars get a full set string upgrade when bought which last much longer than the factory set. The maple neck is built for durability as well as easy handling. With a standard output audio jack, it makes it highly versatile. This can be connected to headphones or amplifiers to suit the player. With the built-in amplifier, this guitar offers great sound anywhere. It has a fixed bridge which means it is easier to keep the guitar sounding good without much trouble and it comes with adjustable saddles.


The Pignose PGG-200 Deluxe Electric Guitar with Built-In Amp has true portability and is not cumbersome to have in the car or around the house, it’s a great travel guitar. At only eight pounds, everyone is capable of handling it. It is light and compact without compromising the quality of the sound or the user friendliness.

Great Sound

The PGG-200 also has excellent sound. With a one watt built-in amplifier which is powered by a nine volt battery, there is no need to struggle to get heard. Moreover, it is fitted with an audio output system which allows most headphones and external amplifiers to be connected without much trouble. The volume control has an easy on and off power switch which is convenient. A fixed bridge allows for easy playing especially for novices who would struggle with the semantics of a floating bridge. This ensures that the sound is clean at any point as long as the guitar is properly tuned. The bridge also comes with six adjustable saddles further enhancing its functionality.

The Aesthetic Value

The Pignose is a beautiful instrument with a smooth and sleek finish and comes in a variety of colors including sunburst. It has a beautiful rosewood fingerboard that not only looks good but also feels great. The neck is made from maple which is smooth and gives the guitar a classic look.


This guitar is built to last. It has a strong and durable body. This makes it especially great for taking on the road. It is a reliable companion whether one is playing it for small or big crowds or just practicing alone. Even with frequent use, it remains as a great looking instrument. It resists wear and tear from harsh climatic elements as well as rough terrain. It also comes with a great bag for toting it around as a travel guitar. It offers protection for the guitar and is very useful when traveling with the guitar.

Pros of the Product

– It has a built in amplifier that allows it to be played without external speakers. The amplifier is easy to manage as it is powered by a 9 volt battery.

– It is highly versatile in audio devices it can work with. This is due to a standard audio output that is compatible with standard jacks.

– It is light and compact for easy transporting and handling for even smaller individuals, making it a great travel guitar.

– It is a great looking instrument with a classy finish.

– It has a fixed bridge to support novices with six adjustable saddles for greater efficiency.

– It comes with an awesome bag.

Cons of the Product

– The factory string set with which the guitar is bought are not durable and are found to not sound great. However, Play Away offers a new set of strings with every PGG-200 guitar which is much more long lasting.


It is a great choice to pick for both novices and experts, for whatever purpose. Users of the Pignose PGG-200 Deluxe Electric Guitar with Built-In Amp have recommended it as a small instrument with great sound and highly adaptable for different purposes. It is a highly applauded guitar and one gets value for the cost incurred to acquire it.

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  1. Michael

    Hi, can you please measure the length of the guitar. I’d like to see if it fits into my suitcase. Thank you

  2. Wandering Musician Post author

    Hi Michael, From guitar strap to top of neck i: 32.25″
    Left to Right at widest point—9.5″
    Have a nice trip

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