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Designed for guitarists looking to practice on the go, under our analysis, Pocket strings guitar practice tool is a must-have addition to any guitarist’s arsenal of helpful accessories.  Note:  This tool is only to practice chords and scales, build finger strength, etc.  You do not strum or make beautiful music 🙂

The product is a simple device that simulates the frets on a guitar so musicians have the ability to practice fingering and chord changes when they don’t have access to their guitars. Though imperfect, the idea behind the tool is that guitarists won’t lose their skills and don’t have to give up practicing completely while on the road.

Though simple, the product is well constructed. The backing is made of real wood while the strings are real guitar strings. Just like a real guitar, these strings can be adjusted, and even replaced, when necessary. This makes the product nearly immune to destruction. It’s hard case protects the outside and with replaceable strings, the product can last indefinitely. It’s a durable tool that is clearly made to last.

The product is easily portable. It is big enough for effectively practicing, yet is small enough to pack and carry around with ease. It conveniently comes with a case to cover and protect the device when not in use. The case is hard and functional, yet easily slides on and off. This provides the perfect solution for practice on the go as it quite literally can fit into the front pocket of a pair of pants.  In a overnight bag pocket strings takes up very little space.

Pocket strings comes in 4 and 6 fret varieties. The 4 fret edition is, of course, smaller, and good for practicing chord changes, while the 6 fret edition allows you to practice scales as well. These two options together provide the perfect combination for the serious guitarist that wants to practice while away from home. We found that both products, however, met their designated purpose.

Pocket strings has thus far been a realistic replication of the guitar playing experience. They are constructed in such a way, that it when your fingers press the strings, it feels almost exactly as if you are pressing the strings on your own guitar. Though it’s not exactly the same as holding a real guitar across your lap, it is almost exactly the same as finding chords since its built to simulate a portion of a guitar neck.

For those who don’t want to be separated from the beloved guitar, but know it is impossible to take their full size Fender along to Guatemala, the accessory is like a travel guitar. That trip to Guatemala without a guitar could actually improve one’s playing abilities. Moreover, the tool isn’t exclusively for travelers. It expands the ways that musicians can practice by allowing guitarists to simply focus on fingering, finger strength, and quicker chord changes. It also offers a silent solution to practicing at times of the day when roommates and family members don’t care to hear your jazzy rendition of a Radiohead classic.

Overall, we found the device to be an exceptional practice tool. Not only suitable for guitar travel, the product is an excellent practice tool when guitarists don’t want to disturb those around them, or simply want to drill chord changes and build calluses. Sturdily built, easy to use, and a realistic alternative to actual guitar playing, we highly recommend the device to any guitarist.

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