Rambler Travel Electric Guitar Review

Want to jam when you get there?  Practice in the hotel?  Jump on stage and play?  Take a Rambler™ Travel Electric Guitar – a full scale professional instrument that breaks down to fit in a briefcase or computer bag. This is a great sounding, great playing instrument perfected for the traveling musician.  The Rambler™ offers unsurpassed quality, playability and resonance.

The Rambler™ travel guitar features locking tuners located on the bottom of the guitar.  The strings are loaded from the top of the neck through the patented StringKeeper™.  Dual humbucking pickups switchable from neck to bridge or both provide a fat full sound and excellent tone. Separate tone and volume controls provide a wide range of equalization.  Intonation and string action is set with a fully adjustable Tuneomatic bridge.  The adjustable nut, a unique feature of the Rambler™, allows string action to also be adjusted at the top of the neck.

Weighing less than five pounds and with an overall length of about 30”, the Rambler™ is a very portable guitar even when assembled.  Scale length is 24-1/2” (Gibson scale) with 20-21 frets. Many travelers prefer to take the guitar apart and place the separated neck and body in their carry on luggage.  To take the guitar apart, loosen a single thumbwheel on the top of the neck and remove the StringKeeper™.  Wrap the strings around the body through the StringCatcher™, tucking the StringKeeper™ between the middle tuners.  Then take off the neck by loosening four thumbwheels.  Simply reverse the process to assemble the guitar.

While playing and sounding like a full size electric guitar, the Rambler™ has a sonic advantage due to the absence of a headstock.  The string energy normally wasted as the strings pass over the nut is channeled back into the neck, providing excellent resonance and sustain.  Neck relief is adjustable with the dual action truss rod, allowing more or less relief as desired.  The Rambler™ Classic has a solid Canadian Maple body, in either Tobacco or Cherry Sunburst.  The Classic comes with a specially designed and embroidered Strobel Guitars gig bag.

Strobel Guitars also offers a Rambler™ Custom Travel Guitar, with choice of tone woods, neck shape, fretboard, inlay and custom colors. Options include coil tapping, on board pre-amp, Piezo bridge, etc.  Strobel Guitars recently introduced the Rambler™ Custom Travel Electric Bass guitar, offering a 34” scale neck with the nut located at the third fret.  Overall length of the Rambler™ Bass is less than 35”.  Both the Rambler™ Custom Guitar and Bass are outfitted with high end Schaller electronics and components.

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  1. Carlos Echenique

    I met Russ Strobel two years ago at the Newport Guitar Festival in Miami, FL. Russ is a true craftsman and in a show full of guitars, his little Ramblers always stand out. I purchased one from him at this year’s show. It is my first guitar and I am incredibly pleased with it. Do yourself a favor and order a Rambler from Russ, you will not be disappointed.

    Shot of my son with my Rambler

  2. Paul C

    The Strobel Rambler Classic has a Gibson scale length which is to my taste. The neck has a nice feel for me and it also flares out near the end so you if you are not looking you get better feedback about where your left hand is on the neck – this is a great idea. Tuning is a lot easier than the fiddly Steinberger system – it uses real tuner knobs and you have more room between them. It does not have a tremelo – I remove this item from my strats anyway so this does not bother me. If you want whammy you can bend the neck against your body – same as an SG. It is comfortable against the body as it has some cut aways – this has been thought through.
    Soundwise the Schaller humbuckers are nice and fat. It has a single volume and single tone knob with the normal Gibson 3 way pick up selectors. The tone control gives a nice range of EQ.
    It has one other more obvious advantage than most other compact travel guitars – you can easily remove the neck with thumb screws and pack it into a computer notebook carry bag – how’s that for cool. I don’t know if I’ll bother though unless I want to pack it in a suitcase. The padded gig bag that comes with the Rambler Classic is a quality unit and offers a high degree of protection. For an old back I think the Strobel could become a main gigging machine – you will be surprised.
    Amp wise I’m using an Orange Micro Crush.

  3. gibson guitar reviews

    I need to get a travel guitar. I am tired of lugging around my acoustic everywhere. This plus the orange micro crush amp and I’ll be set! 😀

  4. Brian

    This has to be the best travel guitar on the market… I haven’t played them all, but the ones I have played don’t even come close. This guitar really shouldn’t even be grouped with other travel guitars because it really plays and sounds like a regular high end guitar. Visually, it’s beautiful. The craftsmanship is top notch. The parts and materials are all quality. The sound and tones are fat, warm, and gorgeous. Assembled, it’s already small enough to travel easily with but if you have limited room, it isn’t hard to take the neck apart. It’s just an all around great product and it really delivers in the sound department. Lots of sustain and warmth. If you get a chance to play one, do it and see for yourself. This guitar is awesome… end of story.

  5. GF

    I do a lot of travelling and require a guitar I can easily transport but that would not feel like a toy at the same time. This guitar exceeded my expectations – it is solid, very well built, with quality tuners and best of all, it has two great pickups that were a shock to me when I first heard them. I run this through a Korg Pandora and use my headphones when travelling. At home I run it as normal through my pedalboard to the amp with an effects loop. Either way, the sound is virtually identical to a full size guitar. Very clean sound that can be added to for blues and rock.
    The other travel guitars don’t even come close to the Rambler and in fact I use it regularly as my main instrument.
    It does take a week or two of constant playing to get used to holding it without a strap but once this learning phase is over, it’s a cinch to hold it steady. The tuning pegs are also located on the bottom end of the instrument so some care has to be taken to ensure they are not knocked. This is the same issue as a guitar with a headstock so it does not matter but I thought I would mention it because care would be required if a stand is used.
    There is one volume and one tone knob and 3 way selector. So no separate controls for each pickup. However, the quality of the pickups and the sound more than compensate for this and there is enough tweakability anyhow when an amp or effects processor is used.

  6. Simon

    I was wowed by the Rambler when I first saw it at the Arlington Guitar Show last year and having raved about it to my wife, lo and behold, she bought me one for Christmas.

    I have to say that it has exceeded my expectations. I thought it would stay in the closet in between travels (I like to take a guitar with me on business trips), but this has become my go-to guitar. It is so much fun to play and its compact size is so convenient that I walk around the house playing it!

    It is well-made with quality components, breaks down easily and fits in a briefcase for traveling. Alternatively, it is easy to carry in the padded bag that came with it.

    That aside, its main attributes are its sound and ease of playing. This is a quality instrument and plays (and sounds) as good as some of my Gibsons. The neck is very comfortable and the setup is good with a low action. Two humbuckers, volume and tone knobs and a three-way toggle switch give a wide variety of sounds, so it can handle most situations; this is a guitar you can readily gig with.

    My wife told me that Russ at Strobel was very pleasant to deal with and I called him recently with a question, got straight through and he told me what I needed to know, so support is excellent.

    I have tried other travel guitars, but this is by far the best looking, best sounding and best designed. Strobel have come up with a winner here – you will not be disappointed.

  7. Dan Bates

    Strobel Rambler Classic. Great neck, killer action, high quality look, ability to change strings in 5 minutes and stash it away in a bag… Now that’s for me. I speak from experience… We landed in Singapore. I opened my anvil case with my telecaster in it and it was soaking wet. They obviously left it open (in the rain) waiting for an inspector or some other fool. This solves that problem.

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