Lamina Z Flame Sleeping Bag Review


The Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Flame sleeping bag is best used for backpacking – in the fall, winter and spring.


This sleeping bag packs down to a relatively small 7 by 15 inches, a feat not possible with down sleeping bags. Snow and rain worries fly out the tent window, because the synthetic fill in the Lamina Z Flame maintains its ability to insulate even when damp. The nylon shell and polyester lining help keep the fill dry with their water repellent finish.

The Lamina Z Flame actually keeps you pretty warm. Dressed appropriately for the weather, this sleeping bag keeps you more than sufficiently comfortable with its specialized Zoned Insulation, placing more Thermal.Q fill in areas that need to be protected from the cold (ie: your core) and less fill in the areas that don’t need the extra protection (ie: your legs). The Lamina Z Flame is also built to keep the warmth in with its toe box that does not collapse and its draft collar that keeps the precious heat inside the bag.

This sleeping bag not only keeps you warm, it keeps you dry. The Lamina Z Flame does not trap perspiration and condensation inside, leaving you feeling pleasantly dry after a good night’s sleep. With this sleeping bag, there’s no need to hang it in the morning to dry, just stuff it in its sack and go!


The Lamina Z Flame weighs in at almost the same weight as a down sleeping bag. If you are trekking a long distance, make sure to keep this in mind!


The Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Flame Sleeping Bag does a great job of retaining warmth in below freezing temperatures while keeping you dry, all in a small package when compressed. However, this sleeping bag’s weight might be an issue for some long-distance and smaller-framed backpackers.

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