Rogue RLS-1 Lap Steel Guitar Review

Rouge RLS-1 Lap Steel GuitarI am relatively newer to lap steel, but have played guitar for a while. I know sound and tone and this little guy is very responsive. The Rogue comes through loud and clear providing nice country/ blues tones on it’s single coil, single slant pickup. This makes an excellent instrument for a beginner who wants variety in their recordings. I would highly recommend this as a great starter instrument with excellent value and quality for its price.

The bridge and saddle on this Rogue RLS-1 are like those on a Telecaster and the tuners are like those found on a slotted head classical guitar. The bridge is also fully adjustable, as are the height on the three screw in legs. The scale of this guitar is about 3/4 inches shorter than the more common 22.5 inches and the spacing is about the same as on an electric guitar.

One thing I have noticed with the relatively low string height and spacing, palm blocking is made very easy and effectively. This little beauty has nice hardwood body and neck with position markers and chrome hardware.

I must say that the geared tuners seem a little rough and can make it difficult to tune. You may want to replace the strings with a higher quality thicker gauge because the ones that come with it are too loose for steel playing. This may also help with tuning.

Last but not least the plug is directly on top near the volume and tone controls and can pose a problem of getting in the way, you may want to replace it with a right angle plug.

While on your search for a Lap guitar, you will also find this model marketed under different names such as Rouge, Artisan exc. They are all the same instrument.

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  1. Pam Kelly

    I don’t have experience of the guitar featured on your page but I’m going to suggest a lightweight electric lap slide that can travel comfortably on your back even on a bike ride with a Pignose amp! Featured here

    both are made from maple, one with ebony inlay, and construction is incredibly strong so they won’t suffer while travelling; no vulnerable neck joint. They’re handcrafted in West Sussex UK by a qualified luthier with a First Class Honours degree in Musical Instrument Technology. Hand-made is bound to cost more than mass-produced, but where else have you seen such unique style and beauty that plays a dream as well?!

    Now love me forever if you can, but this will grab your heart for sure 🙂

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