Summer, the Philippines and more on this #rtwa Friday

Each week we catch up with our members to see what type of fun adventures they might have embarked on. Lets take a look at this weeks Round the World Adventures and see what everyone has been up to.

demonyika says: hey hey it’s still summer! #rtwa

Tagged: summer panglao guap virginisland philippines bohol crystalclearwater

demonyika says: bacteria in chocolate hills 🙂 #bacteriainbohol #guap

Tagged: bacteriainbohol guap

demonyika says: sakay na! #bacteriainbohol #shiphaus #guap

Tagged: shiphaus bacteriainbohol guap

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  1. froilan

    looks good.. i will be tagging for pics soon. i am booked to 4 travels from June to October

  2. Michael

    Yup, we will get more folks involved and it will be fun to see what types of adventures everyone is having. Big and little adventures alike. Thanks

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