There’s just something about New York City that captivates me each and every time I go there. In all my travels I have never found a more diverse and entertaining city as this (if you have I’m more than welcomed to suggestions) so as I write this article roughly 5,715 miles away I begin planning my next trip to the Big Apple which will be in November. Now I know that may be quite some time away, but with so many things to do and places to see the possibilities in New York are truly endless and even with two seasons of planning I’m sure to leave a few things out. So just like any money-savvy traveler out there I begin my planning by attempting to find as many New York deals out there as I can find. Surprisingly this turned out better than expected (yay me!) and I want to share a few things I’ve learned about finding good deals in this city.

Now because I am originally from New Jersey I know the good, the bad and the ugly known areas of NYC. So when I begin to search through cheap hotels and I quickly find a room for under $100 in the Bronx or Queens I know that’s a no no. However, a person from a foreign country is not going to know that and while you may be saving some cash on a room each night, gun shots and gang fights are the norm in certain parts of those areas.

Also, if you want to see Times Square or visit Central Park a few times during your stay the transportation fares will considerably add up and you really won’t be saving too much money in the long run. I suggest searching for hotels specifically in Times Square or Midtown since those areas attract plenty of tourists. If you do a little searching you can find some good deals out there (a little over $100 a night) and possibly score a coupon for a free night if there’s some sort of special going on. New York’s official guide has plenty of money saving coupons for hotels, attractions, restaurants, etc. You will then save on the outrageous taxi fares and in turn able to splurge on some more exciting ventures this crazy city has to offer.

So we’ve decided we want to get a room close to all the action, so what adventures are ones we just keep coming back to? The Statue of Liberty is a fascinating site and although I vowed (when I was 10) I’d never climb those horrid stairs to the top again, you can still have the same experience and take the elevator to the top. Although the site from the Staten Island Ferry (which is free) is just as great to capture the grace Lady Liberty brings to NYC. Times Square (another famous yet free site) is great no matter what time of the day you visit. I genuinely enjoy all the crazy, fun street performances and I must admit I search for The Naked Cowboy every time I visit. The admission to tour the Empire State Building is relatively inexpensive and for all you photographers out there this is a great place to take beautiful shots of NYC. Now although I have seen all of these close to a hundred times for all you first-time visitors these are must-see places and really don’t have to cost you anything if you chose.

Some of you may prefer a traditional tour guide type of ordeal and there’s this great hop-on, hop-off tour that allows you to literally hop on and off the 2-tiered tour bus as you visit a variety of different sites in the city. There’s a bunch of different tickets available but what I suggest is purchasing the ticket that also includes 3 additional options. You will be able to be as flexible as you want plus still learn all about the city’s rich history and (drumroll please…) save money on 3 other things to do!

Just as you have been saving money on things to do around the city, you can extend all those New York deals you’ve been getting to your food menu. You can easily find a McDonald’s when visiting Manhattan (since there’s about 9 of them in a one mile radius) but if you’re searching for some authentic foods, skip the greasy burgers and opt for the selection of pizzerias from Little Italy. A slice of pizza from just about any of these places are amazing (trust me, I’ve tried just about all of them) and won’t cost anywhere near the price of any restaurant you will find but will taste just as great. After all, New York is known for their pizza!

So as I finish writing this post I must say I cannot wait for November to get here! Not only will I get to visit this crazy city once again, I already know it’s not going to cost me a fortune to do all the fun things NYC has to offer. If you want to save money in NYC it is possible and can really cost you close to nothing depending on what you’re attracted to. There are hundreds of possibilities of things to do and with those options, more ways to save!

What ways have you cut costs during your travels?

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  1. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Haha your welcome! The Naked Cowboy has really made a name for himself in the last few years. He walks around Times Square in a pair of white briefs (that say Naked Cowboy), a cowboy hat and all the while strumming his red, white and blue guitar around the city. He even has some competition…The Naked CowGIRL who is absolutely HILARIOUS to see. Next time you go there, make sure to check them out as well as the other crazy street performers!

  2. EJ Juen Jr
    EJ Juen Jr says:

    Hi Tiffany, I was able to cut costs in my travel by going to the nearest groceries for food instead of eating in the resort’s restaurants. Searching online for people who can offer you a tour of the place for a lower cost instead of getting expensive tour packages by resorts helped us save as well. :)

  3. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    EJ that’s a great idea to buy from a local grocery store. Personally, I would just grab a cheap sandwich from Mc Donald’s or a slice of pizza but if you plan on being there for a little while grocery food is the way to go. Sometimes it can be great if you find a local that is willing to show you around but some big name tours will also throw in some coupons and other deals from their partners that can help you save even more. It’s good to calculate your savings and then decide which is the better deal for your situation. Thanks for commentingggg :)

  4. Judy
    Judy says:

    We stayed 10 days at Riverside Hotel upper West Side and our room had a fridge and microwave. Nearby was Zabar’s Deli and it was fantastic! We could stop there and load up with great food to take to our room with us. We had lots of meals at odd hours but it also gave us more time to tour around instead of spending time in a restaurant. We always had a good “breakfast” before we left and knew that we would return to a full fridge. We also found that we had lots of friends here who had friends there and we looked them up, everyone so gracious and willing to show us around. Don’t be shy! Call on the locals, they love their city. That was probably our greatest experience and of course they know how to do everything on the cheap.

  5. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    @Loredana Thanks! I haven’t made it to New York for New Years yet but that’s definitely on lists of things to do in the near, very near future!
    @Judy The Upper West side was definitely a great choice to stay and I’m glad you found ways to cut costs while you were there! Meeting up with locals will save a ton since they know just how expensive living in NYC can get and usually love to share their thoughts. Thanks for the comment and giving me an idea for a possible hotel choice ;)

  6. Elmer Cruz
    Elmer Cruz says:

    @Tiffany I have one question, is it true that NYC is the city that never sleeps?

    NYC is in my hit list for the Broadway musicals. If you have experipences or tips on how toget the best deals for tickets, I’d be so interested!!!

    Loved the post.

  7. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Thanks Elmer! To answer your question: There is alwayssss something to do in NYC so you better catch up on sleep before going haha and if you’re planning on catching a show on Broadway check out for deals and reviews. I went to Wicked a couple years back and it was so awesome I went again the next year LOL even off-broadway shows are really amazing and you can easily get some cheap deals the day of the show when they’re trying to fill up seats. When do you plan on traveling to the never-ending city?


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