Family Fun in Seattle

The Seattle Great Wheel

We went for the Wheel.  The newest addition to Seattle’s waterfront is a 175 foot (53.3 meter) Ferris Wheel which ascends over the water at Pier 57.

Seattle Great Wheel

The seven year old in our party was a little skeptical, a little afraid of heights.  She was relieved to see that the gondola cars were completely glassed in.  And I was relieved to learn that they were, as she predicted and I denied, air-conditioned.

It was a glorious day which made the trip truly worth while.  Like going up the Space Needle, you will get more out your visit to the Seattle Great Wheel if you can manage to be there on a clear day when Mount Rainier shines in all her glory.

Tickets are $13 for adults, $8.50 for kids aged 4-11, and free for those under four.  You can buy tickets online and print them in advance to avoid waiting in line.


Post Ally

Next the kids wanted to show me “the wall”.  Behind Pike’s Place Market, just around the corner from the guys throwing fish, is a small ally which, depending on your perspective, is either an incredibly original piece of community art or a public health worker’s nightmare.  The wall is covered with gum.  Chewing gum.  Used chewing gum.

Rupert Ganzer's photo of Seattle's

Oh yes, they did! Gum on the wall in Post Ally. Photo by Rupert Ganzer.

Ride the Duck

How about going for a ride in an amphibious vehicle? Not a slick, James Bond-style sports car, but a vintage WWII amphibious landing craft.  Sort of a truck-bus-boat thing.  Coast-guard certified captains provide humorous and historical information as they drive around Seattle and into the lake. For a little extra you get a Quacker-kazoo (and everyone needs one of those) to take home. Check out Ride the Ducks of Seattle for more information.

Rob Evans' photo of Seattle's most unique touring vehicle.

Duck-mobile! Photo by Rob Evans.

What’s Your Favorite Thing to do in Seattle?

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  1. OCDemon

    Wandering around Pike Place is fun too, and the attractions around the Space Needle have some nice kid-friendly activities too.

  2. memographer

    I’ve never been to Seattle. But, besides the attractions listed in your post I would go to see a soccer game 😉

  3. jill

    I used to live in Seattle – it’s still one of my fave cities. We didn’t have the ferris wheel back then though. That looks like a fun addition to the already fun waterfront.

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