Ladies this one’s for you! Going to Europe is usually on one’s bucket list of travels but besides the history, the food and the fun that’s planned you have to admit hearing those hot European men seducing you (well that’s what we’d like to think) with that unbroken English has got to be the best perk of visiting Europe. Think about it, would Antonio Banderas have the same effect if he were to lose that sultry Spanish accent that lures you in for more? I have to admit I have yet to visit all of these places in Europe but because of my previous work, meeting these sexy accent guys has been possible. I’ve put together a countdown of the top 5 sexiest European accents that I’ve personally heard and of course you may or may not agree so feel free to leave comments and let me know what countries you think produce some of the sexiest European accents.

Number 5: Greece– Although there aren’t many who would put the Greek language at the top of their list for sexy, the way Greek men speak English definitely belongs in this category. Of course you’ll find those stereotypical loud mouths that love shouting out every word but if you get lucky (and I hope you do) you’ll find that many of the Greeks have that old world way about them that makes their English just that much more unique and sexy.

Number 4: Scotland- The first things to come to my head when I hear the country Scotland are bagpipes, kilts and men with way too much testosterone. However, when you see Gerald Butler in PS I Love You or Sean Connery as James Bond those things are not even close to what’s on your mind. The best way to describe the accent is a raspy, manly and just an all-around deep voice that comes out of these Scottish men. So perhaps they fancy kilts? We’ll let that slide just to hear them talk ;)

Number 3: Ireland- Usually known for some wild and crazy times and mostly associated with the leprechaun, the Irish menfolk have some seriously sexy accents. Personally cursing is not really an attractive trait but my, oh my, that swear jar I have at home can get tossed in the can to listen to these Irish men talk. After all, what’s sexier than a guy that knows how to have some fun?!

Number 2: Spain- Oh yes, we have gotten to the sultry, fiesta-loving country of hot accents. There are plenty of Spanish-speaking countries out there but Spain shines through as sexy for two reasons; one, they have this unique way of whispering at just the right time and two, they brought us Antonio Banderas and we all know Zorro would never be the same without him.

Number 1: Italy– This is where things get a little more on the romantic side and the way Italians love their pastas is the way we love their accents.  It’s not just the way they say things but rather what they tend to say. Babe and sweetie are nice pet names but the moment an Italian man calls you Bella Ragazza (beautiful girl) there’s just no comparison to how beautiful that sounds no matter if you understood what it meant or not.

Alright so some of you may be fueling with rage on why France, England or other very sexy accent countries weren’t put on this list but this list was just personal preferences.  If I were to keep it going I could list each European country by how sexy their accents were, but we all know that would be way too long of an article and who wants to sit at the computer and read all day when there’s all these sexy accents just waiting to be heard! Comment and let me know what countries you find host the sexiest European accents or maybe you agree with me, I want your opinions. Oh, and if you happen to know my husband, tell him I will also do Middle Eastern accents at a later date, he’ll understand ;)

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  1. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    HAHA you’re right Jenny, Antonio Banderas can do pretty good with or without an accent but it just gives him that extra edginess and mysterious that just melts my heart lol.

  2. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Thanks Elmer, glad you enjoyed! I’m always impersonating other accents as well haha
    EJ, I LOVE British accents but for some reason I never thought of it as ‘sexy’ it’s just great to listen to lol and French is pretty high up there as well ;)

  3. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    Lol Judy, you’re completely right those Caribbean men have a very sexy way of talking! If they were part of Europe they would have for sure made it to this list ;)


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