I feel this post should have a disclaimer, so here it goes: Anything you read, see or somehow hear on this post that makes you feel I was under the influence of alcohol during these events, I have to shamefully admit I completely knew what I was doing and the dancing described below is just ‘how I do’. So with that being said, let me take you to a night scene of rocking techno music by one of the best ranked British DJs, Amman’s classiest nightclub and of course some ridiculous American dancing on my part. Enjoy!

Facebook is such a great tool when it comes to finding out what’s going on and what’s new in the area no matter where you are. So as I received the invite to go see Paul Mendez live I was pretty stoked because I didn’t think there’d be well-known international DJs performing in Jordan. I didn’t really know much about Paul Mendez at first besides the fact he was British, but the more I googled I found out he has had quite a career in the DJ business (17 years, imagine that!) and was considered the 5th best DJ in England and 25th in the World. So by now, I was pumped and just HAD to go!

I too, have a history in the night club scene, not 17 years, but I give myself props for traveling 45 min back and forth to the nearest nightclub by my hometown, dancing my ‘tail feather’ off and then going to work in the morning the next day. So things are a little different this time around but hey, it’s time to discover the hidden treasures of Amman’s nightlife and just see how it compares to the rest of the World.

Like the rest of the Arabic time schedules, everything was running pretty late. My husband and I got there around 11:30 I suppose and it wasn’t until 12:30ish that Paul Mendez began to perform. This was a little disappointing since he was supposed to begin around 10, but it gave our group a chance to talk and have some laughs before we stepped on the dance floor. That’s when things got interesting…

As the beats kept on coming and the lights bounced around the nightclub I slowly began to forget that I am in a more conservative country. With that being said, I felt the need to show off my Jersey Shore roots and fist pump through Mendez’s playlist of mainstream hits. I wish I could stop there and say that was the end of my stereotypical dance moves but oh no, there’s a WHOLE LIST of ridiculous (but I guess not embarrassing enough because I kept doing them) dance moves that I introduced to the Amman community.

‘The Robot’- yep, I went there and I failed horribly haha. My robot became an overly enthused rendition of the Tin Man, which may be perfect for Broadway but not really too great in the nightclub scene.

‘The Booty Pop’- Perhaps it’s just me but when I see those rap videos and see those girls going low and doing all kinds of crazy moves with their backside I legit believe it can’t be that hard. Once again, proven wrong in that department. I looked more like a chicken jetting off to fly than a bootylicious diva queen.

‘The Lawnmower’- I learned that night one should NEVER attempt this move when the majority of these dancers have never seen a full yard of grass, let alone a lawnmower. I executed the move to the t but that’s not really too impressive when no one had any idea what it was.

‘The Running Man’- I’m sure everyone was hoping I would really run away after all my little performances but I fooled them! Personally I think I did this move pretty good, the only problem, I did it while doing the hippie peace motions across my eyes.

I also attempted Shuffling and numerous other dance moves that should just never be talked about again. All in all I had a great time though and I’m sure everyone else did as well, laughing at me. I know I’m not the only bad dancer out there, come guys admit it, who else has had some memorable club moments? You can even say a ‘friend’ of yours did it if you don’t want to admit it was really you ;)

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  1. Michael Falk
    Michael Falk says:

    Nice, at least someone was waving big sticks of fire, that had to be somewhat of a distraction for you to slide under the radar of watchful eyes waiting to judge you. OK, so I admit when I was in college I did a fair amount of club hopping and dancing….not too good either. But at the time it felt I had some type of rhythm….but now I realize I was only moving to the movements of my other rhythm impaired friends. Now I think I could not dance like this as I would be more watchful of myself haha

  2. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    *Dancing update: I actually just got back from an engagement party where I showed off my hilarious version of Arabic dancing. Then they eventually played Boom Boom Pow and me and my sister-in-laws were the only ones on the dance floor at the time. So we had about 30 (conservative) ladies watching us shuffling and being ridiculous and when we finished they applauded us, made it soo worth it lol :)

    Elmer I always attempt the robot to lighten the mood in the beginning ;)

    And Michael there was a few of us out-of-rhythm dancers so it wasn’t too bad but I had a great time.


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