Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar Review

The Squier Mini Strat electric guitar is a surprisingly well-made and comfortable piece of equipment. While it is on the low-end of the price scale and certainly far from the best travel electric guitar out there, its quality genuinely out-performs what you’d expect from the price.

The sound quality of this particular mini electric guitar tends to be very good for what it is, although it may help to have some slight adjustments made to lower the action slightly. While this is possible, it is also something of a hassle and can take considerable time to get just right.  Another flaw of the Fender Mini Strat is in the tuning pegs. They seem to be of somewhat lower quality than the rest of the guitar (which is fairly well made for the most part) and do not hold tuning like an experienced guitarist would expect.

The other complaint a guitarist would be likely to have about this guitar is simply the fret size. While many travel electric guitars boast a full size fret board with a compact head and body, the Squier Mini electric guitar actually has a smaller scale and more compact fret board.

The smaller scale also contributes to the issue with keeping this guitar in tune as the shorter length of strings also requires less tension to achieve the same sound, meaning more bending and more frequent tuning. Changing to higher quality tuning pegs will help but you cannot expect the issue to be entirely resolved by this.

The other effect of this more compact frets is that, if you are used to playing a full size guitar or even other travel electric guitars with full size frets, you will likely feel somewhat cramped. This can be a hassle and many experienced players will not appreciate the compact space but, for players with smaller hands and children (for whom, with its economic price, this guitar is perfect) the smaller area can be a blessing.

Likewise, however, experienced guitarists can also appreciate the Fender Squier Mini. Despite its small stature, this mini electric guitar is comfortable to hold and play. Like its larger counterpart, it fits comfortably in your lap or across your body when using a strap. Although the materials are far from perfect, it’s generally sturdy and well made. While not the first choice for a serious musician, the Squier Mini Strat is a perfect travel guitar for a person on a budget or a young person just starting to play and lives up well to the Stratocaster name in sound and playability, if on a comparably smaller scale.

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  1. Al Griffy

    I’ve played a LOT of Strats and Strat-type guitars &

    I love these little guitars! I have two and will get more… they are perfect for folks like me who need a smaller, lighter instrument…

    Invest at least once in a professional setup (support your local lose here!)
    & you will have a happy Strat experience for very little $.

  2. Al Griffy

    Oops! Support Your Local Luthier!

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