Summertime is More Fun in the Philippines

I can’t wait for summer vacation! Right now, I am so busy with all my exams and requirements. Being a medicine student is such serious business and it requires 110% of you attention, and now I can’t believe that I am almost finished with my first year in medicine! I am more than looking forward for the months of April and May. For 2 months, I can actually sit my butt all day long and give my brain a break from all the anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, and histology, that have been drilling my neurons for 10 months!

But I am faced with a dilemma right now. Yes, I have suggested you people with cheap holiday destinations, but it seems like I’m longing for something else more than beaches and food trips. I want ADVENTURE! So I tried asking my friends for potential destinations this summer that will make me scream and let all the stress out of my body. And they said that I am not faced with a dilemma at all, because as what the Department of Tourism of the Philippines have said: “It is more fun in the Philippines!”. And they’re right! I blame Guyton, Goodman, Gray, and Junquiera (authors of medicine textbooks) for brainwashing me and letting me forget my adventurous spirit.

So here are my top chosen destinations this summer:

1. Palawan

It is simply just a strip of island on the west of the Philippine archipelago, but there are loads of surprises waiting for me there. The El Nido cave is one of the top attractions in Palawan. It is an underwater cave! I want to try diving into the labyrinth of limestone and encounter underwater creatures. It kinda reminds me of the  anatomy of the inner ear, it is a labyrinth of ultra thin bone filled fluid called endolymph. Hey! What was I talking about? I thought I’m on vacation for a diversion? Oh no.

2. Mt. Kitanglad of northern Mindanao

I want to go backpacking! And this time I’m not going to fill my backpack with 5-kg books. I’ll bring a tent, sleeping bag, and a GPS, and of course I’ll drag my boyfriend along too. I’ll practice my wildnerness skills that I have learned from my biology expert friends.

3. White water Rafting in Cagayan de Oro

This is going to make me scream! My friends said that I am going to enjoy this one because aside from it’s cheap, it is also near our hometown. They said that you will miss half of your life if you don’t white water rafting in Cagayan de Oro. It is a wet and wild game. and aside form those, there is free lunch waiting at the end of the rush. The lunch is  purely Filipino food like grilled chicken!

I can’t choose which one to pick! After all the exams in school, I’ll surf the net and find out more about these destinations. Then I’ll go shopping for the things that I might need during my most exciting summer vacation of the year ever. I will also force my  friends to come with me, because travelling alone is not healthy for an almost crazy med student like me. I need to talk to people because my mind is so drained  from reading books! Summertime is more fun in the Philippines!

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  1. EJ Juen Jr

    Hi Dana, good luck to your studies. I’m also excited going to Guimaras this summer. 🙂

  2. Michael Jon Falk

    Can’t wait to see which one you pick Dana, they all look awesome! Enjoy this summer time off! Medicine is indeed some heavy coursework!

  3. WYNNA

    Hi dana! just got back from Palawan. I visited Underground River as well as did some Island Hopping. and it was AMAZING! Words are not enough to describe Palawan’s beauty. Check my pictures at facebook. 🙂 Book your tickets for May! STAT 🙂

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